All Bermudians, I believe, are born with Rum Swizzle flowing through their veins. My educated and forward-thinking theory is proven every summer when gallons of Swizzle, too numerous to count, are downed during playful afternoons on the water and forgotten nights in town. I’m sure some of you are  still questioning how you were able to drink the amount of Swizzle you did this past Cup Match weekend.


Being in England over the Cup Match holidays, I wanted to participate in the celebrations by making Rum Swizzle and sharing it with the English. Armed with a package of Swizzle mix I bought in Bermuda and a bottle of rum, I set to work. When I had finished, I excitedly poured myself a glass and took a sip. To my dismay, it only tasted like the wooden spoon I used to stir it – clearly, the swizzle mix was not up to par. Needless to say, it was a Swizzle-free Cup Match for me.

Upon returning to Bermuda I discovered a brand new Rum Swizzle treat which would have been perfect for an English Cup Match weekend.  It was the box that caught my eye, amid various bottles of Outerbridge’s Original products, a rectangular box with a beautiful Bermuda beach scene and the words: “Bermuda Swizzle Taffy”.

To be honest, I hate salt-water taffy but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a new Bermudian treat. The sales lady at Brown & Co. told me that it was a new Outerbridge’s Original product, having only come out days before Cup Match. I couldn’t get home fast enough to try it for myself.

Smooth, light and with a definite hint of Swizzle, this Bermudian salt-water taffy is nothing short of delicious! Although probably not something you’d buy to keep in your kitchen cupboard, it is the perfect gift to give someone you’re visiting abroad or a welcome gift for someone visiting Bermuda.

Finally, these candies are alcohol free, which of course is an outrage and an insult to our favourite Bermudian pastime. However, I’m sure they’d make great edible cocktail stirrers, for Rum Swizzles of course!

Pick up a box of Outerbridge’s Original Bermuda Swizzle Taffy from Brown & Co. for $9.95.