Currently my family is in feverish chaos preparing for a house-full of family this summer. My mother particularly is losing her marbles making sure everything under the Boyer family roof is just right, as she does each time a big group of family and friends decide to soak up the Bermuda summer sunshine (although at this time of year, I can’t imagine why anyone would subject themselves to it willingly).


I take a much more nonchalant approach to hosting house guests. I don’t care if the kitchen looks the same as it did the last time they visited; I highly doubt, Mother, the reason they are joining us at our home is because of your interior decorating, as nice a job as you’ve done.

If you’ve met my mother, you know what I’m talking about. You will never, and I mean never, meet anyone as obsessive-compulsive as Debbie Boyer. She’s one of those people who organizes everything. She even highlights the grocery list in the same colour as the kitchen walls. Try mismatching a fork and spoon in the Boyer household and you will be punished swiftly.

I’ve learned over the years that the way to score points with my dear mom is to play into her OCD nature. Buy her gifts in blue and green only. Label as many things as possible, such as “winter clothes”, “kitchen utensils”, “our dog, Sadie”. Do not wear sweaters that get those annoying balls of fluff on them – Mom will only shave them off.

One of my mom’s biggest nightmares when entertaining family and friends is God forbid anyone use a different glass then then ones everyone else is using. If an event occurs where there are more people then matching glasses, immediate family such as myself are expected not to get thirsty.

In my refusal to not die of dehydration this summer I purchased a beautiful set of glasses and matching pitcher for my mom, each decorated with a summer scene of schooling fish etched into it in blue. Thankfully she loved them, which means we can all enjoy this summer as a family sipping lemonade out of our matching glasses. Cheers!

My mother and I, wearing blue and green only.

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