You know that saying, it’s five o’clock somewhere? Those who use that excuse often are either alcoholics or Bermudians. The drinking habits of those of us who live in Bermuda are not only legendary but emulated by those abroad; Gosling’s is the largest exporter of Bermuda-made products, a sure sign that our friends overseas wish they were anchored off the South Shore sipping a Dark ‘n Stormy.



If you’re like me, you get excited when you see Gosling’s Black Seal in other parts of the world. My cousin, Tess, said she saw some in a store just outside of Liverpool the other day. It’s an excitement people from big places just don’t understand, the feeling of seeing a part of home in a far away place. It also makes me think, do we drink so much that we’re known internationally? If that’s true, I’m okay with it.


Gosling’s Black Seal rum just happens to be the subject of the newest Bermuda-inspired product to hit both the local and international markets. I was introduced to its existence yesterday while I was sitting at my desk oblivious to the fact that my life was about to take a rum-fueled turn. Laura Bell, the Associate Editor of The Bermudian said, “Gaby, have you seen this?” and there on her computer screen was a Lilly Pulitzer bag, adorned in a blue monochromatic print of square-riggers, Gosling’s black seals, barrels and bottles of rum. Dark N Stormy as the print is appropriately named, was inspired by Bermuda’s national drink and created by Lilly Pulitzer who teamed up with Gosling’s and Cécile.





Now, most people know me better than to thrust something as exiting as this in my face, but Laura understands just how seriously I take my shopping blog, which is why, five seconds later, I was on the phone to the sales staff at Cécile asking them to put the Beach Tote on hold for me. I picked it up yesterday afternoon and it was then that I found out just how popular the new print is. The Dark N Stormy shift dress is already sold out, as are the shorts, skirts and shirts. I was told that Cécile have been inundated with e-mails, phone calls and requests for the Dark N Stormy print products and they’re not the only ones, the Lilly Pulitzer website is selling out so quickly that it’s making it hard for Cécile to reorder. With this much attention I’m hoping the creative directors at Lilly Pulitzer are taking note and decide to design another Gosling’s-inspired print.


Since purchasing my own Dark N Stormy tote, I’ve carried it proudly. I’ve also never craved a drink so much in my life! Cheers to Gosling’s, Cécile and of course, our island home.


The Lilly Pulitzer Dark N Stormy tote is exclusive to Bermuda, meaning it isn’t sold on their website or anywhere else in the world. You however, can purchase it for $88.00 from Cécile on Front Street, but you better hurry!



To see more of the Dark N Stormy print, check out the Lilly Pulitzer website by CLICKING HERE or visit Cécile’s Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.