There is no shortness of amazing foliage here in Bermuda, where you can literally step into your garden and find a hugely diverse selection of leaves, branches, seeds and flowers to decorate your living space. From metallic branches to large Poinciana pods, simply putting flowers in a vase is a thing of the past. Use your imagination (and some spray paint) and get decorating!

1. Metallic Branches
Interestingly-shaped branches can be displayed as-is for a natural feel or spray painted a metallic colour for a little bling. Make sure to spray down whatever branches you choose with Baygon and leave them to completely dry before applying any paint. You can also spray paint an elastic band around the branches to keep them in place.

2. Croton Leaves
Croton leaves and bushes are a great way to bring Christmas colours into your home and garden. Their bright colours are reminiscent of the season, the bushes are easy to keep they and grow to be quite large in Bermuda’s climate. Cut some branches from one of the larger plants for a pop of colour on your mantelpiece or head to your nearest nursery and pick up some bushes to keep in the garden year-round!

3. Coconuts
Coconuts get bigger and start to change colour this time of year, leaning towards a grey-brown colour versus their usual vibrant green. Use the mature coconuts as a simple centerpiece on your dining room table or paint them in metallic and seasonal colours with kids for a fun rainy day activity!

4. Poinciana Pods
Use the huge seed pods of the Poinciana to bring a subtle pop of nature to your home environment. They’re easy to collect and they look great displayed on wooden tables and countertops!