I’ve been wanted to do this for awhile now but obviously needed the fast-approaching Cup Match holiday to encourage me to finally get my act together and finally do it. ‘It’ meaning DIY a flower crown, which is this summer’s best accessory. I love a good flower crown, especially one made with fresh flowers as opposed to plastic ones. Obviously it takes time and the flowers don’t hold up to the heat and humidity for long but in my opinion sometimes it’s just better to go all out than to be practical and boring!


So here goes, DIY instructions for a Cup Match flower crown:

What you will need:

Flowers (I purchased mine from Gardines Flower & Things at Shelly Bay Marketplace for $20 a bunch. Obviously they’re daisy’s dyed in Cup Match colours and clearly the BEST Cup Match colours)

Floral wire – $0.05 per wire, available at Demco

Floral Tape – $5.00, available at Demco

Wire cutters


Step 1: Measure your head by wrapping a piece of wire around its circumference. Unless you have the smallest head on record, you’ll need to join two wires together to wrap completely around your head. Join the two wires by creating hooks: bend the end of one wire to create a loop; stick the end of the other wire through the loop and bend it back to create another loop; twist the ends around each wire to secure.

Step 2: Cut the stem of a daisy so that it’s about 7 inches long from the bud. Place bud of daisy on wire of headband. Wrap the stem around the wire and secure with floral tape. Add a few more buds in the same fashion. When you have 3 or 4 in a bunch together, secure by wrapping floral wire around the stems. Continue on like this until wire headband is full with buds. I chose to only cover the front of my headband with buds and leave the rest bare but you can get as creative as you want and add buds all the way around. If you do choose to add buds all the way around, make sure to make the headband a couple inches larger than your head or else it won’t fit.

Don’t forget to keep your finished crown in the fridge until you’re ready to use it!