If you’re not already on Instragam, you should be. Instagram has taken over as the most popular social media app, providing its users with a platform to share their favourite snaps and videos with their followers. With editing options and various “filters” to choose from, Instagram transforms everyday photographs into works of art. With such gorgeous pictures we thought there should be a way to display them for all to see and appreciate, without having to visit Instagram. The solution? DIY coasters made using Instagram snaps.






What you will need:

5×5″ pieces of glass, can purchase from Island Glass for $20.00

Elmers Glue

Instagram photos sized to 4×4″ and printed on plain white paper

4×4″ Paper coasters, can purchase from party supply store



Step 1: Cut out printed Instagram snaps.




Step 2: Pour some glue onto a dish. Using a brush, brush the glue onto the photo. Make sure to give it a good coat, don’t worry about using too much, it will dry clear.



Step 3: Lay the photo (glue-side) down on one of the pieces of glass, making sure that its centered with a 1/2″ space on each side. Using another piece of glass push any airbubbles out from underneath the photograph. You will be able to see trapped air bubbles through the glass on the other side. Leave to let dry for 10 minutes.


Step 4: Using a brush, cover one side of a paper coaster with glue and adhere to the back of the photograph already stuck to the glass. Leave to fully dry. Repeat with remaining photos.