It’s official: ice-cream is so yesterday. In the heat of summer sunshine, frozen yogurt is the go-to treat and BermyBerry is the only place to get it from.


We were kindly invited to the grand opening of BermyBerry last Friday evening. The little froyo shop is located at the third gazebo in Dockyard, so we hopped aboard the ferry and headed to the west end to indulge in endless amounts of frozen yogurt.


The interior of BermyBerry is expertly designed and is bursting at the seams with fun elements and kid-friendly accents.

BermyBerry offers four flavours of frozen yogurt daily: plain, their signature BermyBerry, a fresh fruit flavour (kiwi, raspberry, mango) and a decadent flavour (chocolate, nutella, peanut butter). Upon entering, we quickly decided on our flavours and piled our yogurts with our favourite toppings.

The one on the left is the signature BermyBerry with plenty of plump blueberries on top. The other is plain yogurt with blueberries and granola. All BermyBerry yogurt is made from fresh skim milk and fat-free yogurt culture, meaning it’s 100% guilt-free and low in calories. Even better is that the ingredients are source locally whenever possible and BermyBerry is 100% Bermudian owned and operating, making it a huge asset to the the economy.

After finishing our yogurts, we were handed glasses of champagne and these cute little BermyBerry fans. How perfect are they for a hot summer’s day? They, along with the spoons and containers BermyBerry’s served in, are biodegradable, meaning you don’t have to feel guilty about tossing it in the trash after using it. How great is that? We just love local businesses that strive to do the best for Bermuda!

In addition to frozen yogurt, there are tons of items available for purchase, including frisbees, yo-yos, apparel and BermyBerry’s own ethical bean coffee. When you make a trip to BermyBerry be sure to go the extra mile and check out the full rack of products. Supporting small local businesses is so important, especially the local businesses that choose to support Bermuda instead of choosing to cut costs.

BermyBerry is open on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday until 10:20pm, Tuesday and Friday until 5:00pm, Saturday until 6:00pm and Sunday until 8:00pm.