It’s that time of year again – bags are packed, lunchboxes filled and moms breathe a well-deserved sigh of relief because hallelujah, the kids are headed back to school.


There are plenty of back to school shopping lists arounds, each getting checked off in the days leading up to the start of school but there isn’t a back to school shopping list for mom – until now, that is. Mom, who works so tirelessly all summer corralling the kids and cultivating the fun deserves time to herself post-first day of school, so here’s to you Mom: the real MVP of summer. Indulge, relax and unwind because you survived. 


 Whispering Angel Rosé – $24.75, Burrows Lightbourn Ltd.

On school nights, when the kids are tightly tucked in bed at the most decent of hours, celebrate wine time (not to be confused with whine time – that’s something totally different). Here’s to sleeping like a sweet whispering angel yourself.


Big Swig Wine Glass – $18.65 from Miles Market

It’s inappropriate to drink straight from the bottle (except when you’re home alone and no one’s around to see you) but it’s not inappropriate to drink from a glass that holds the whole bottle. Cheers!


Badash Crystal Apple – $58.00 from The Island Shop 

Start the school year off right with a bribe present from you to the new teacher. Each time little Max misbehaves, gently remind Miss So-and-So that there’s a very fancy apple sitting on her desk. Crisis averted. 


Relax and Revive Spa Package – $299, La Serena Spa, The Reefs

Let’s be honest, you’re tired and we don’t blame you! Summer is long and hot and children are loud and exhausting. Now that school is in, rest, relax and revive at La Serena Spa at The Reefs. Their Relax and Revive Spa Package boasts a 90-minute aromatherapy massage, spa lunch and a cleansing salt scrub. 



Subscription to The Bermudian Magazine – $29 for one year, available HERE!

Obviously we saved the best for last but we’re not biased, we’re just offering up a suggestion for something to fill your newly-found free time. Seriously though, poor that Whispering Angel into your big girl glass, dig into The Bermudian magazine and relish in the silence the universe has gifted you – until 3:30pm.