I’ll agree-ya!

Or at least that’s what it sounds like when I say the name of Lili Bermuda’s newest perfume, which was introduced to me by my boss, Editor and Publisher of The Bermudian Publishing Company, Tina Stevenson.

Although I do have Portuguese roots, it was news to me that the word alegria translates to joy in english and joyful to discover this delicious scent was I! What I love most about this fragrance, other than its scrumptious blend of Bermuda Cedar, Frangipani, Tuberose and Patchouli, is the fact that it smells so modern. In fact, this sophisticated and Bermuda-inspired scent can certainly hold its own against the designer perfumes that it shares shelf space with, especially the newest scent to emerge from Oscar de la Renta, which I made the sad mistake of testing out last week and told the sales girl that it “smelled like bad air freshener.”

After hearing Tina rave about how great Alegria is, I asked her to show it to me when we were in town together earlier this week. She sprayed some on my wrist and for the rest of the day, whenever we would get a whiff of the scent, Tina would say: “I really like that Alegria” and I couldn’t agree more.

Pick up a bottle of Alegria in either perfume or eau de toilette from the Bermuda Perfumery, A.S. Cooper’s, Gibbons Company, Brown & Co. or The English Sports Shop. Prices start at $48.00.