And finally, summer has arrived. And as always our most impressive season is in full-force with scorching heat, unfathomable humidity and lots of Lilly Pulitzer.

Yes, I said Lilly Pulitzer. If you were born anywhere but inside a barn you are fully aware that Lilly Pulitzer is summertime uniform in Bermuda. If you need confirmation, take a walk down Front Street: the evidence is apparent in the combination of pink and lime green.

This year, Lilly Pulitzer and Cecile surprised us once again by teaming up to create a beautiful Bermuda-inspired print! Perhaps you remember the blog I wrote last summer about the Lilly Pulitzer Dark n’ Stormy print created for Gosling’s and Cecile? If not, here it is!

This year’s print is actually a relaunch of the “Bermuda by Way of Cecile” print which was designed a few seasons ago but loved so much they printed it a second-time, just for Cecile! Like the Dark n’ Stormy print of 2011, this print is teaming with Bermuda scenes including gombeys, St. Peter’s Church, Somerset Bridge, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, and more! A trained eye would recognise the print as Lilly Pulitzer from afar but the real beauty is in the Bermuda-inspired detail, which can only be enjoyed up close.

The print is only available in a tote bag, which can be purchased at Cecile for $88.00. For those abroad, bags can be ordered by emailing