This is a little bit of a late post for which I apologise. I’m not late in posting because I’m unenthusiastic about this particular post, it’s indeed the exact opposite!

As you know (or should know!) Lilly Pulitzer and Cecile have teamed up numerous times in the past few years creating Bermuda-inspired limited edition prints exclusively for Cecile. In 2010 the Bermuda By Way of Cecile print was born, incorporating classic Lilly style with Bermuda-inspired artwork. In 2011 the Gosling’s Dark ‘N Stormy print was created, inspired by Bermuda’s rum-rich history and the Gosling’s rum brand. In 2012 the Bermuda By Way of Cecile was reprinted by popular demand, solidifying the partnership between Lilly Pulitzer and Cecile and giving us Lilly and Cecile lovers an addition to our collection.

So, of course we’ve all been wondering what Lillly and Cecile could possibly have up their pastel-hued sleeves this year … and finally, here it is! Introducing the 2013 Lilly Pulitzer Bermuda-inspired print Lilly Sails to Bermuda! Isn’t she gorgeous?

Inspired by Bermuda’s seafaring history, the print artfully depicts sailing vessels, sea life and other nautical accents in a swirl of summery hues of pink. The print is available in a silk and cashmere murfee scarf and is without a doubt, the “it” accessory this summer. The price tag is a solid $118 which might seem steep but c’est la vie, carpe diem, nobody cares, just buy it (that’s my usual thought process when making purchases and it works every time).

On June 20, Cecile celebrated the official unveiling of the fabulous print with a cocktail party at their Front Street store. I made sure to be there to see the beautiful piece for myself and welcome her into my own Lilly Pulitzer family. In addition to the unveiling, attendees shopped the current Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2013 collection as well as previewed the Fall 2013 collection. The store was decorated in a whirl of nautical splendor which gave everyone the summer-lovin’ feeling.

Cheers to Lilly Pulitzer and Cecile for once again giving us a piece of Bermuda that we can be proud to carry wherever we go.

Order your own Lilly Sails to Bermuda scarf by emailing Tara Burgess at or by calling Cecile at 295-1311. The scarfs will arrive in Bermuda sometime in July.