The spring and summer months in Bermuda attract a host of international sailing events that bring lively visitors and the best sights and sounds we see in Hamilton Harbour all year. Most Notable, and worthy of spectating, boat envy touring, or generally getting in on the fun are:


Bermuda International Invitational Race Week (April 28 – May 4): A sailing event hosted by Royal Bermuda Yacht Club which gives competitors from Norway, Sweden, Australia, Scotland, UK, Canada, Bermuda and the USA a true test of skill. Six classes: International Etchells, J-24, IOD, Comet, Laser and Snipe will be sailed on two courses.

Antigua Bermuda Race (May 9 – 17): In the second editon of the Antigua Bermuda Race a competing fleet of luxury yachts sets sail from Charlotte, Antigua to Bermuda and her alluring crystal blue waters.

Newport Bermuda Race (June 15 – 23): The Newport Bermuda race, founded in 1906, is the oldest regularly scheduled ocean race and it is one of just two of the world’s races held almost entirely with no land in sight. First thought to be insanely dangerous, the Newport Bermuda Race is now considered one the world’s most glamourous, difficult and addictive ocean races. The 635-mile biennial race from Newport, Rhode Island to St. David’s Lighthouse on Bermuda’s East End can take anywhere from two to six days. 


Whether on land or sea, feeding the crew and keeping them happy keeps a mutiny at bay, so if you care about what’s cooking in the Galley, head straight to Bermuda’s own MilanMilan, Front Street’s Italian lifestyle store, specializing in quality food items from the best regions in Italy. Stock up on MilanMilan’s one-pot risottos and pastas, which are simple and satisfying for ravenous sailors in need of replenishment and soul-nourishing goodness.

The store’s award-winning wines from Italy’s best known regions are a welcomed taste when the sun is over the yard arm but rookie sailors beware: It’s better to hold on to your bearings than wind up three sheets to the wind! In addition to their pastas, risottos and wines, MilanMilan is well-known for their specialty coffees, Italian beers and bottled sauces, all of which are conveniently packaged, which means stowing them away for travel and easy-use while at sea is no problem. 

MilanMilan is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays.


Dish Up the Perfect One Pot Italian Meal

Tiberino‘s out-of-this-world one-pot pasta and risotto dishes simply can’t be contended with, especially while onboard a vessel in the middle of the Atlantic! Choose from a variety of pastas and risottos and produce a meal to share with the whole crew. Add your favourite extras (like cheese, meats, vegetables and fresh herbs!) and enjoy! Watch below for a how-to on making Tiberino’s risotto the right way. 













Watch Tiberino Chefs Make their Risotto the Right Way 


Toast to Sailing in Bermuda with an Italian Wine or Beer

Kick off the sailing races the right way with a speciality Italian wine or beer from MilanMilan. Their extensive range of quality wines from Italy are a favourite among land lubbers and seasoned sailors, alike! 




MilanMilan’s extensive range of prosecco wines include Divici organic prosecco, Astoria Fashion Victim Rosé, Astoria Prosecco DOC, Cannaletto and Cinzano proseccos.





MilanMilan also carries premium sparkling Ca’del Bosco Franciacorta Cuvee Prestige, which combines fresh fruits (apple and pear) and notes of acacia honey and green tea. It offers a wonderful exuberance on the palate that is firm and ends on a dried almond note.






Those wishing to sip beer rather than wine can indulge in Viola, a handcrafted Italian beer in pale lager and red ale. Or try one of the specialty stores’s Galvanina Italian sodas. Blended using organic fruit juice and water sourced from a spring located 1,000 feet above sea level on the hill in northeastern Italy.



Finally, MilanMilan carries and extensive selection of gourmet olive oils and balsamic vineyards that will undoubtedly enhance every dish and impress even most discerning palates. 



Italian Lifestyle Store
3 Front Street 
Hamilton HM 11
9:00 – 5:00 Weekdays
10:00 – 5:00 Saturday