I’m of the opinion that we don’t drink enough champagne in Bermuda. Perhaps it’s because we’re rich in rummy history that our chosen drinks at happy hour centre around Bermuda’s mascot, the Black Seal but I don’t see why we can’t indulge in a little champers every now and again. Further, I’m of the belief that Bermudians have been doing the champagne thing incorrectly since the beginning of time – champagne should not be a enjoyed at night after so many bevies that you’re no longer coherent but rather in the day time when the sun is shining and the champagne is sparkling.



Apparently I should abandon my career and take up with Moet & Chandon because we share the same belief. On September 22 at Waterlot Inn Gosling’s held a launch party for Moet & Chandon’s new champagne, Moet Ice Imperial, which just so happens to be the world’s very first champagne created to be enjoyed on ice, perfect for a day at the beach, on the boat, at a garden party or watching a sailing regatta.



Kayleigh and I suited up and joined the party, ready to take on the heat with our ice-cold champers.












Moet Ice Imperial is sweet, but not overpoweringly so, leaving a light, fresh taste, perfect for an afternoon of drinking. The ice accompaniment is the ideal solution for Bermuda’s take-no-mercy humidity, in fact after a glass or two Kayleigh and I completely forgot about the burdensome weather, of which we had complained about the entire journey to the party.



Throughout the afternoon the champagne was flowing, hors d’houvres were served and guests mingled on The Dock, all in time to the setting sun. The atmosphere was surprisingly relaxed and laid-back, somewhat the opposite of what you’d expect for a champagne launch but that’s exactly what Moet Ice Imperial is all about – it’s a more casual, playful take on champagne, allowing you to indulge outside of a black-tie event.












I’m interested to see how Bermuda adopts Moet Ice Imperial. If my opinion is worth anything, I suggest we take up polo, I don’t know a girl island-wide who wouldn’t agree with me.


Moet Ice Imperial is available from Gosling’s Bermuda Ltd. for $63.25.