I must admit, I’ve been struggling with accepting the change of seasons.

While most Bermudians have already packed away their bathing suits and rolled up their beach towels for the year, I’ve still been swimming, diving and relishing in the warm weather. When I’ve told others this, they tell me “Summer is over”, to which I quickly retort, “It’s not over until I say it’s over!”

With the end of daylight saving this coming weekend, I must admit, summer is over. I gathered the girls for one last sunset bonfire to toast to a summer well spent. We congregated on the South Shore with drinks, blankets and a fire pit raring to go. Now that the evenings will be shorter, we’ll happily go into hibernation having allowed the summer to last longer than usual.

Sir Doogles even joined us for a drink on the beach. He preferred to sip on water though, the responsible gentleman that he is.

Our drink of choice was Lemon Mint Vodkas, here’s the recipe so you can throw together one for yourself.


San Pellegrino Sparkling Limonata


Fresh Mint


Combine ingredients in large jug, stir and serve. We used 4 cans of San Pellagrino, half a bottle of vodka and a fist full of fresh mint. Obviously these aren’t exact measurements but we’re Bermudian, cut us some slack.

These gorgeous plastic cups are Lilly Pulitzer and are available in packs of 8 from Cecile on Front Street.

As the sun set it was time for one last summertime swim. After which we lit the fire and cozy-ed up for an evening of roasted marshmallows and s’mores.

Daylight savings ends this weekend so before the clocks go back, get outside and enjoy one last late evening sunset with your nearest and dearest.