Today is officially the first day of fall and although the current weather outside continues to look as though it’s still the height of summer, the arrival of fall weather is certain, which is why I’m suiting up now in anticipation. Rain-suiting that is.


There’s a great selection of fashion-forward raincoats and jackets available in local stores. I’m not talking about the bright yellow variety that comes inside of a plastic bag. I’m talking about the high quality, brightly coloured rain jackets that will surely become a fall staple in your wardrobe.

Most are aware of the brand Helly Hansen, which is sold at A. S. Cooper’s MAN on Front Street. Walk into any class held at the Bermuda College during the cooler months of the year and you’ll witness a rainbow variety of Helly Hansen’s decorating the room. Slightly on the expensive side, the Helly Hansen jacket comes in a whole slue of colour combinations and sizes, making it a favourite among both men and women. Helly Hansen jackets range in price from $120 to $400.

The North Face is a popular brand among skiers, snowboarders and New Englanders but has only made its grand debut in Bermuda recently. The Booth in the new Washington Mall, who are known for introducing our island to new brands and products are now bringing in The North Face, just in time for fall. A burst of bright colours (perfect for those who need a pick me up when the depressing fall weather sets in) and an equally agreeable price tag have quickly made this gorgeous jacket my new fall favourite! Priced at just over $100, these jackets are available in red, yellow, green, turquoise and purple.

Mariners aren’t always the most fashion savvy individuals, however PW’s Marine on Serpentine Road sell great looking Gill jackets perfect for either a ride down the road or a sail on the high seas. Practical and fashionable go hand in hand with Gill, but don’t look forward to a variety of colours and sizes, mariners aren’t as concerned with looking good as we are. Prices for Gill jackets start at $200.00.

Whichever jacket you choose, as long as it’s one from this list, I have no doubt you’ll be happily protected from the gale force winds, heavy rain and low temperatures that characterize Bermuda’s fall and winter weather perfectly.