For the past few months I’ve been sharing the best deals and discounts going on all over the island. I’ve featured sales, second-hand finds, DIY projects and ways to make products last longer so you don’t have to buy so frequently. But in my search for the next big deal, I came across the bargain to top all bargains – It is the Orange Bay Company.


For those of you who don’t know, Orange Bay Company is a consignment shop, although they do make second-hand sales as well. What that means is that Orange Bay buys second-hand items from people who are looking to clean out their closets but know the pieces they no longer want are too valuable to simply throw away, thus they call the owner of Orange Bay, Delight Morris, who hand selects pieces she either pays cash for on the spot or consigns to her store.

When you walk into Orange Bay you feel as though you’re stepping into a high-end boutique – there’s certainly nothing old or used about it. Each rack of clothing is color coordinated with matching shoes and bags displayed below, making the task of pulling together a last-minute outfit simply and easy. What I hadn’t expected was the plethora of designer labels and fashion houses – some unavailable anywhere else on the island. Names like Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Diane Von Furstenburg and Coach are only a few of the designers featured at Orange Bay.

Even more exciting is the low prices. It’s certainly unlike most boutiques you step into, where you see the clothes before you see the price tag and are instantly defeated when you realize you can’t afford anything at all. Orange Bay pride themselves on their affordability – for instance I saw a Coach bag, from this season I might add, with the original price tag still on it and in perfectly good condition, priced at only $100 when the original price was $250. And because everything is hand-selected, each piece is in pristine condition – in fact, you’d never know it was a second-hand consignment shop!

In the end, I chose an olive green Valentino dress, quite similar to a Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress for only $40.00 and a Lilly Pulitzer top, also $40.00. Who could say no to a deal that great?!

I feel I should also mention that Orange Bay Company also sells beautiful second-hand furniture and housewares. They’re constantly getting new items in so the only way to know what they have is to visit them at 4 Mill Creek Road,  Pembroke. You can also give them a call at 295-5400 or visit their website: They are open Thursday through Saturday, 10:00am until 4:00pm.