My friend Michelle takes Halloween very seriously. She would never contemplate wearing a store-bought costume or casually decide where to celebrate all things spooky. She’s one of those people who plans weeks in advance the costume she’s going to wear and spends days hot gluing, glittering and sewing her costume until it’s ready for its moment in the spotlight. Last year, Michelle made an amazing Avatar costume. I’ll be honest, Avatar freaks me out a little bit so when I saw her all decked out in her Avatar-glory, I spent the rest of the night trying to avoid her. Even this Halloween, whenever Michelle would see someone dressed as a less than impressive Avatar, she would yell out to them, amateur!


This year Michelle dressed as a skeleton. Not your generic, ho-hum, boring skeleton – those words aren’t in Michelle’s vocabulary. Michelle made her costume by crafting bones out of rope and gluing them to black leggings and a tee-shirt. Ribs, knee-caps, Michelle went all out but it was the final piece to her Halloween costume which completely transformed her look. Michelle hired Chrisanthi Bartley of Scribbles Body Art to paint her face in a creepy skeleton-like way.

Chrisanthi invited Michelle and I to her house on Saturday evening and in only 20 minutes, Michelle was transformed into a creepy, scary, skeleton ready for Halloween. The best part was that it only cost Michelle $15.00! With M.A.C. charging over $50.00 for make-up application on Halloween, clearly Michelle made the right decision. Chrisanthi was professional, talkative and greeted us at her door with a warm smile and a positive attitude. No doubt, from here on out, every Halloween Chrisanthi will be getting a visit from Michelle, transforming her into something else.

In addition to face-painting, Scribbles also do henna, glitter tattoos and body painting and are available for birthdays, school plays, seasonal parties, corporate events, fundraisers, wedding receptions and festivals and fairs. Check out the website at to see examples of the work they do and book an appointment.

Michelle in her skeleton-attaire for Halloween