If you are looking for a subtle way to pay homage to our island home, these vintage accessories are the perfect addition to any look. Whether is be a Trimingham’s silk scarf adorned with longtails, a patriotic neck tie or a pair of hog penny earrings, these items are elegant, timeless and now rare to come by, which makes owning them that much more special.  

Bermuda Hog Penny Earrings, Bermuda One Cent, Hand cut coin, 3/4″ in Diameter – $83.43

Vintage Triminghams Silk Printed Longtail Square Scarf 30″$99.99

Vintage 14 Karat Yellow Gold Bermuda Traffic Officer in Birdcage Charm $395.00

Vintage Trimingham’s Bermuda Tie $19.95

Vintage Triminghams Red Tartan Plaid Lambswool Scarf$31.50

Vintage Bermuda Snapback Patch Trucker Hat Cap$43.00

Vintage Trimighams Cufflinks, Goldtone Metal $18.58

Vintage Triminghams Made in Italy Bermuda Print 100% Silk Scarf Square$35.00