She’s featuring scarves in winter … groundbreaking.


I know, I know, you’re rolling your eyes because my obvious lack of creativity and imagination bores you, BUT these are not just any old scarves. Certainly your grandmother couldn’t knit you one of this calibre, nor could you dig it out of a clearance bin at Target. These scarves, my friends, are exquisite and quite obviously my new obsession.

If you know me at all, you are completely aware that Calypso if one of my most favorite stores. Honestly, if I didn’t work where I do, I would get a sales job at Calypso just so I could take advantage of the employee discount. My boss, Tina, who so kindly created this blog so I could make something out of my ridiculous and often ludicrous shopping habit, knows that when its time to present me with a gift, Calypso is a no-fail zone. It was Tina who made the almighty discovery of the most beautiful scarf I have ever set my sights on.

Bold in design and stylishly sophisticated, this scarf comes in a whole-host of gorgeous colours and unexpected patterns. Easily my most favorite part about this scarf is that it is completely timeless. This really is a scarf that any woman at any age will look great in. Truly, that is what makes it such a fabulous gift, young or old, I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t love this scarf as much as I do.

Another great thing about this scarf is that It’s substantial enough to wear in winter with a great blazer and knee-high boots but can just as easily be worn in late spring or summer with a white tank top and tailored khaki pants. Dress it up or down, using this scarf as your go-to accessory is a sure-fire win for whatever occasion. Further, it is wide enough that it can be used as a light shawl over a strapless dress for a semi-formal event – the possibilities are endless!

Stop by Calypso right now (seriously, before I head over and buy the rest myself) and check out the vast array of these scarves in all the colours and patterns – I have no doubt that they will instantly become your most favorite accessory.