In recognition of International Women’s Day, we’re paying homage to our local female fashion designers. From designers of jewelry, handbags and clothing, this list is about women uplifting other women, while supporting local businesses and artists.


Kim Deuss (pictured above)
Kim Deuss made a dream come true by launching her own swim wear brand with fabric made from recycled ocean plastics. Shop Daughters of Summer, here!


Patrice Morgan (pictured above)
Handbag designer, Patrice Morgan, credits the beauty of Bermuda as the inspiration behind her Bermuda Born and Fennel brands. Shop Morgan’s designs, here!


Nina Froncioni
After receiving a book about candle making from her mother one Christmas, Nina set about trying to create the smell of rain but in candle form. Before long, Froncioni had created five original scents – Dark Rum, Pink Sand, White Lily, Cedar Stack and Tank Rain – at which point, she laughed her own business, Limestone + Cedar Co. Each candle is set perfectly in brown recycled beer bottles which Froncioni collects herself. Shop Limestone + Cedar Co., here!


Kim Lefebvre
Inspired by our island’s natural splendor and the myriad of colors found on our shores, Kim Lefebvre’s jewelry is quintessentially Bermuda. Shop her sophisticated jewelry, here!


Rochelle Nicole
Designer Rochelle Minors launched her eponymous debut line after completing her design studies in London. Her brand is about delivering products that make a statement. Whether you’re slaying in a boardroom meeting, making the school run, or on a night out, Rochelle Nicole pieces are designed to make you reign. Shop Rochelle Nicole, here!


Alexandra Mosher
Alexandra Mosher made a name for herself with her signature pink sand and silver jewelry. Since starting out with her stall at Harbour Nights, she now has a large flagship shop in Hamilton. She has added fine jewelry with gold and fine gems to her collection and her pieces are continually sought after by tourists and locals alike. Shop Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery, here!


Avrel Zuill
As a third-generation jeweler, Avrel knew from an early age she wanted to continue the family tradition. After she met her now husband, David Zuill, they combined forces with his I.T. background to create 3D modeling of custom design work for clients. They launched Davidrose Jewellery and moved to the island after getting engaged and opened up their flagship store in St. Georges. Having made a name for themselves in custom engagement ring and wedding bands, they opened their second shop in Avrel’s dream location on Front Street just a few years ago. Shop Davidrose Jewelry, here!


Cary Butterfield & Patricia Borland
Friends turned designers, Cary Butterfield and Patricia Borland, turned a love for the colours of Bermuda into a line of playful, free-flowing, feminine resort wear called HAMEC. Their beautiful and comfortable pieces are designed to be dressed up or dressed down, making each one as versatile as the women who wear them. Shop HAMEC, here!


Desiree Riley
Desiree Riley has long been at the fashion forefront as a model and her love for the industry moved her to create her line, Dezir Designs. She has showcased her designs at numerous fashion shows in Bermuda and also had the privilege of traveling to Atlanta twice to present her collections in the Pitch Black Fashion Week and Giva Style Fashion Shows. Visit Dezir Designs on Facebook, here!


Alexandra Outerbridge
Bermudian Alexandra Outerbridge teamed up with friend Anna Ochoa, to create Axil Swim. They pride their line on its comfort and wearablilty and the materials they carefully chose, fit and accentuate every woman’s curves. Shop Axil Swim, here!


Nicola Lucas 
Designer Nicola Lucas premiered her label Aqua Designs by custom designing and making wedding and evening dresses. After the birth of her second child she switched to designing children’s clothing. Last year, due to high demand, her label expanded to a resort wear collection for women and teens. Shop Aqua Designs, here!


Madeline White
For Madeline White, growing up on the beaches of Bermuda sparked a lifelong love of the ocean. After studying design in England and working in the fashion industry, she launched her line NOVAH Swimwear. Famous for its cheeky cuts and beautiful prints, it can be spotted on models and influencers all over Instagram. Shop NOVAH Swimwear, here!


Joanna Stapff
Joanna Stapff opened the doors to her own shop in Old Cellar Lane in 2015 after seeing a demand for her designs while selling her jewelry at Harbour Nights. Her store now features her jewelry, Bermuda inspired cards, tanks and tote bags, along with items from other local designers including coasters, candles and beauty products. Visit 1609 Designs on Instagram, here!


Rebecca Singleton
Rebecca Singleton has modernized the Bermuda short. Singleton streamlined the traditional design, added fun colours and prints and marketed her designs towards young people. And that’s not all, the local designer produced women shorts too, in a flattering cut that can be worn by all. Shop TABS, here!


Dana Cooper
Artist and illustrator Dana Cooper has experienced much success with her bold sarongs and scarfs – they were even featured in Vogue – and the success is very much warranted! Found locally at Coral Beach & Tennis Club, her pieces are distinctive, feminine and perfect for a summer’s day or night. Shop Dana Cooper’s designs, here!


Tara Cassidy
Artist Tara Cassidy is inspired by the ocean and driven by the creative process, which has resulted in her unique sustainable jewelry which utilizes ocean plastic waste, sea fans, and lionfish spines. Her whimsical studio and shop is a must see when in St. Georges! Shop La Garza, here!