Daylight savings has kicked in, temperatures will soon be falling and it’s the season for showers and rain, so this really means that it’s time to dig out your knitwear and booties. Instead of fashion this week, I’ve found some great items to make your experience at home all the more cozy. I’ll miss summer, but I do love snuggling up under blankets. The items on this list will give me the warm and fuzzies inside and out through fall!


Warm and Fuzzy (pictured above)
After getting out of the shower, or decompressing after a long day, there are few better feelings that slipping into a warm robe. Marks & Spencer’s has a great collection, but this cream one makes me feel like I’ve treated myself to a spa day! Marks & Spencer robe, $65. Location: Sandymount



Getting Lit
One good thing about daylight savings is that you can light your candles an hour earlier. I’ve fallen in love with Limestone + Cedar Co natural soy-wax candles. They are handcrafted on the island using recycled bottles and cork lids. And the best thing is they smell divine! Limestone and Cedar candle, $32. 



Warm and Toasty
If you suffer from cold feet, suffer no more! Barefoot Dreams has somehow harnessed the softness and fluffiness of clouds and turned it into the coziest socks I have ever worn. Find them, along with cozy sweaters and blankets, at Luxury Gifts Bermuda, $28. 


 Warm Beverages Only!
Getting out of your warm bed to go to work can be a struggle, but this cute, motivational Sweet Water Décor coffee mug will inspire you to get your hustle on, $29.95 (Ocean Ave.)



The Ultimate French Press
Fill your fabulous new mug with some “get up and go juice” – A.K.A coffee. Make a delicious fresh batch with this Choice French Press Coffee maker from Milan Milan.



Let’s Get Cozy
When you get home from hustlin’, fill your mug with this fragrant “Let’s Get Cozy Tea” and snuggle up with some Netflix! $15.95, Brown & Co.



Snug as a Bug
When you’re snuggled up on the couch, drape yourself in one of these luxurious lambs’ wool throw blankets, made by Twig. I love the details and the pop of colours each one has! $230, the Irish Linen Shop.


For a Night Out
Getting out from under your blanket can be tough, but you can take your coziness to the bar with this sumptuously coloured clutch by Clare V. $285, Atelerie



For Bundling Baby
Bundle up your little bundle of joy with this Darazzi knitted blanket and beanie so that you can spend your time knowing he or she is comfortable. $105, ESC



Come on Baby, Light my Fire
There’s nothing better than cozying up under the stars while gathered around a fire pit, and Gorhams has some great little steel ones for outdoor spaces of all sizes. Marshmallows are not included! $99.99 for 26” Diameter