2019 is here! January is the perfect time to set new goals and intentions for the new year. From getting fit, to saving money, to helping the environment and improving your life – whatever your resolutions are, we’ve got it all to help you make 2019 your best year yet.


Get Active (pictured above)
Getting fit and in-shape is the number one New Year’s Resolution. You’ll need the gear to workout and by purchasing your activewear from consignment shop, Orange Bay Company you’ll also shop sustainably and save money!

Top – Lulu Lemon, $42
Leggings – Bia Brazil Activewear, $30
Sneakers – Champion, $27

Practice Self Care
2019 is the year that you fall in love…with yourself! After working out, after a long day, or just because, treat your body with this Divine Feminine Bath Soak – this luxurious soak contains mineral-rich salts, soothing coconut milk and rose petals and jasmine flowers. A rose quartz crystal is included with each soak, traditionally used to help manifest unconditional love for yourself and others and promote compassion and peace. ASE Naturals (available at www.asenaturals.bm, Naked Zero, TABS, The Loren Spa, Newstead Spa) $25

Wear Sunblock
Vow to take the best care of your skin this year by using products with SPF. This Holiday Sun starter pack from Cassine shop has three different products to in this kit so you can protect your skin while spending time outdoors. www.cassine.shop, $30


Help the Environment
Plastic waste has become one of the biggest environmental issues, but the it’s easy to play your part in helping the planet by eliminating one use plastics from your daily life. Naked Zero has beautiful stainless steel straws and reusable silicon bags to replace plastic bags. Straws, $12; bags, $15


Improve your Mindset
It’s no secret that your mindset dictates your life and changing your mindset isn’t always easy. Let local author, Gaynete change your life with her book, “Lucky Code: A Guide for Winning at Life” and make 2019 your year! $9.99 for Kindle – click here to purchase and download!


Remember to Dream
Be reminded to focus on your goals and dreams each time you look in the mirror when you wear this beautiful sterling silver Dream Pendant by Alexandra Mosher, $130


Learn to Cook
Look fabulous whether you’re learning how to hard boil and egg or cook beef Wellington in a beautiful apron by Now Designs from Chef Shop, $24


Stay Organized
Keeping your days organize with this awesome Goal Digger open-dated planner and never miss another meeting or appointment! Brown & Co, $22.25


Travel More
This is your year to knock new places off your bucket list. This sturdy Kipling suitcase from Harbourmaster is the perfect travel companion. The best part – Buy the large suitcase and get a matching tote at 50% off (while supplies last!) $399


Take Up A New Hobby
Stuck in a rut? Taking up a new hobby is a great way to shake up your life and learn a new skill. I’ve always loved tennis because the outfits are so cute like this Adidas dress from Pro Shop, $99.94