With the first week of fall behind us, the temperature is cooling here in Bermuda and while it’s not yet sweater weather, we can celebrate the season with all things pumpkin spice. From lattes, to cocktails and fragrances and everything else in-between, pumpkin spice really is the flavor of the season and I’m celebrating with all things orange!

Knitwear (pictured above)
Stand out from the crowd in head-to-toe orange knitted top and bottoms that are comfy and surprisingly breezy – perfect for fall weather in Bermuda. Both are available from Stefanel for 75% off.


Add a pop of colour to your outfit and protect your eyes with these fun Haviana shades from Brown & Co, priced at $79.00


For the Home
Bring the fall feeling indoors with this super soft and cozy J-Queen comforter from Gibbons. Prices vary depending on size.


Footie Heaven
Incorporate the fall season into your wardrobe with these stylish and work-appropriate Nine West shoes from Boyles, priced at $140.


His and Hers Shorts
Match with your man in these his and hers Princeton Orange shorts from TABS ($99). These were created to commemorate the reunion of the 1998 graduating class of Princeton.


This Fennel clutch is perfect for carrying around your essentials. Keep your cosmetics organized in a larger bag or carry it on its own on a night out. Available for $70 from www.fennelonline.com.


Pumpkin Spice Latte Essential
Carry around your Pumpkin Spice Latte in this ingenious spill-proof Magi Cup coffee container from Brown & Co for just $37.95.