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A Guide to Lightening Your Hair for Summer

Many women (and some men, too!) have a natural desire to lighten and brighten their hair during the warmer months of the year, but for some women, especially those with darker hair, this can sometimes seem like a serious commitment when colour needs refreshing. Alison Williams, owner of Headway Hair & Body, assures us that there need be no giant commitment so long as one is properly educated about the various methods and products available to lighten hair in a healthy and natural looking way. She shares with us the different color a...


Bring on the Best Brows!

As trends in the beauty industry turn toward non-surgical procedures, which require only minimal commitment but yield maximum impact, micropigmentation has become a welcome solution for those who want to look their best. A cosmetic treatment tha...


Real Bermuda Wedding: Caroline & Darren

After a coincidental meeting at her company, Caroline Tee and Darren Bradley quickly realized their attraction to one another. Their relationship grew steadily until Darren proposed - not once, but three times. “He did it three times, not beca...

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Exclusive Fashions from the 1960s

In the 60's, Trimingham's and H.A. & E. Smith Ltd often advertised their wares in The Bermudian. Sporting the latest fashions from London, brought straight to Bermuda, both stores were old Bermuda staples and for many, recounting memories of...


Recycled Craft Inspirations

Bermuda's limited recycling facilities mean that the island packs a lot of punch for our small size when it comes to producing waste and pollution. Why not try out some of these fun repurposing ideas to get the most out of your trash? For more i...


Easter Décor Inspiration

Who doesn't love to decorate for Easter? Fresh flowers, adorable bunny rabbits and assorted candies in soft colors make Easter décor irresistible. For more, visit our Easter Décor Inspiration Pinterest board.     &n...