Founded on the philosophy that skin-care is self-care, Enzuri Beauty was born from a passion that blossomed in its founder at a young age. “Growing up, I was teased because of my dark skin. Thankfully, I had parents who supported me and made sure I knew how to care for my skin,” says founder and owner Kisha Tyrell. “My mom took me to get my first facial at twelve years old and that is where it all began. I fell in love with taking care of my skin.” From there, Tyrell used the island’s resources for inspiration. “I was taught about the various local plants and herbs and how to use them for their healing properties. I loved experimenting with aloe, seaweed and hibiscus,” she explains. “I drew on all of this for inspiration when thinking about ingredients for my products and the brand messaging I wanted to incorporate into Enzuri Beauty.”

Since then, Tyrell has grown her business into an internationally recognised brand, earning features in British Vogue, LA Style and more. “I knew from day one that I wanted a skincare line that could sit next to the luxury premium brands—in the look and the effectiveness of the product,” she says. “As a woman of colour, I wanted to reframe how a black-owned beauty brand is perceived.” Realising a dream, Enzuri Beauty products are now available for purchase at Thirteen Lune, the first inclusive online beauty destination for black and brown-owned beauty brands. “Back in 2020, I put it out into the universe that I was going to be a part of the Thirteen Lune family,” she explains. “It took months and months of work, patience, waiting and more waiting. So when I was told that Enzuri Beauty was in the 2022 Fall lineup, I could not contain myself. I think when I finally settled down, I cried!”

Enzuri Beauty products are made with carefully researched ingredients, curated to cater to the unique issues affecting women—uneven skin tones, loss of elasticity, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Tyrell understands the efficacy of simplicity: “Life is already complicated, so the products allow you to create a mindful skincare ritual that works for you.” The brand goes beyond skincare as routine, marketed as more of a personal, introspective experience. Each bottle features a message of affirmation, serving as a daily reminder to pause and practice self-love as part of your regimen. Tyrell reiterates the importance of self-love in self-care, explaining, “When you take care of your skin, you are telling yourself every time that you love and appreciate how beautiful you are. When you think about it, every scar and every mark, the shape and tone of your skin holds a memory.”

The brand’s mission is rooted in this self-care philosophy, recognising that “everyone wants to feel incredible in their skin.” Tyrell understands how her customer base has helped fuel her drive: “I have had conversations with women who have been so vulnerable and honest about their journeys and struggles with their skin that we end up in tears.” She adds, “If I can encourage people to think differently about how they care for their skin and inspire and motivate them to create rituals to love themselves, then I have done everything I set out to do.”

Enzuri Beauty is a family affair. Tyrell’s son is also a driving force behind her entrepreneurial endeavours, having taken an interest in her business from day one. “He will come up with creative ideas and suggestions about what I should do, and I turn that around and ask him how I would go about executing it.” Then she adds, “It’s important for me to teach him that anyone can come up with an idea, but it’s the ones who can execute it that go the farthest.”

The year 2023 brings with it exciting possibilities and room for growth as Tyrell plans to expand her product line to body care and wellness products, as well as a skincare collection curated for men.

Products can be found locally at 59 Front and Merch., St. George’s, and at Beauty Within, as well as online at Thirteen Lune and Enzuri Beauty.