A global initiative that aims to empower young individuals in becoming environmental journalists and advocates

YRE’s (Young Reporters for the Environment) primary focus is to equip students with the necessary skills to engage in investigative reporting and storytelling, thereby raising awareness about environmental issues and inspiring positive change. By conducting research, interviews, and surveys, students are encouraged to develop compelling articles, photos, and videos that address various topics such as waste management, climate change, and biodiversity. The core objective of YRE is to foster critical thinking, media literacy, and environmental consciousness among young reporters, providing them with the necessary tools and platforms to amplify their voices, influence decision-making, and contribute to a sustainable future.

In February, a pilot program called the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) was launched, with a specific focus on the critical issue of Exposing Marine Pollution. To provide an engaging and educational experience, the YRE curriculum was integrated into the Half-term and Spring Break Camps organized by BUEI (Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute) for participants aged 9-13 years.

Furthermore, schools actively involved in BUEI’s Eco-Clubs were strongly encouraged to join the YRE programme, thereby enhancing its impact on environmental awareness and action. As part of this initiative, a collaboration was formed between Mr. Bryant Richards, a renowned photographer from Geminii Photography, and BUEI’s education department. Together, they hosted an exceptional environmental photography workshop specifically tailored for students from Bermuda College and Berkeley. During the workshop, students were provided with a unique opportunity to conceptualize and advocate for the environment through the lens of photography, using plastics retrieved from Bermuda’s ocean. This hands-on experience allowed the students to visually express their concerns for the environment and encouraged them to become proactive contributors to the cause.

Photos, articles and short videos were submitted and judged by our jurors.


Weldon Wade – Ocean Advocate, Diver and Board Member of BUEI
Jeremy Deacon – Editor from The Royal Gazette
Janos Lengyel – Bermuda 3D Printing 
Michelle St. Jane – Climate Conscious Professional
Kevin Glinton – Eco-Schools Bahamas FEE National Operator
Ryan Dyment – Eco-Schools Canada National Operator 
Ali Hochberg – Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme
Shanna Hollis – Artist and Chairperson of the Bermuda Arts Council 

The YRE National winners are as follows:

Category: Environmental Campaign Photo

Happiness Ahead by Sophie Eden, age 11, Warwick Academy (Environmental Campaign Photo age 11-14)

Washed Away by Caitlyn Glawdwin, age 15, BHS (Environmental Campaign Photo age 15-18)

War for a Dying Planet by Anthony Buckley, age 24, Bermuda College (Environmental Campaign Photo age 19-25)

Category: Photo Story

Untitled by Josiah Darrell, age 20, Bermuda College (Photo Story age 19-25)

Category: Single Reportage Photo 

A Golf Ball With A Smile by Lailah Parker-Smith, age 11, The Whitney Institute (Single Reportage Photo age 11-14)

The World in Plastic by Yeshai Burgess, age 17, The Berkeley Institute (Single Reportage Photo age 15-18)

Category: Articles

Plastic Pollution on Nonsuch Island, the Home of the Endangered Cahows by Zoë Mir, age 13, Somersfield Academy (Articles age 11-14)

The Plastic Plague: Confronting the Devastating Impact of Marine Pollution by Asia Robinson, age 18, Bermuda College (Articles age 15-25)

Honourable Mention: Environmental Campaign Video

Francis Patton School P5 Ms. Morton 

The winners will received their awards on June 8th & 9th at BUEI during the World Oceans Day Activities.  

How many winners were there in which categories this year?

Zoë Mir shortlisted for YRE Global

Recently, The Foundation for Environmental Education released its shortlisted winners for YRE Global. Zoë Mir’s article submission entitled,  Plastic Pollution on Nonsuch Island, the Home of the Cahows, was one of the shortlisted submissions for Bermuda! We are proud of Zoë as well as all of our other winners and submissions. 

Although the public’s votes will not influence the final decision, your engagement matters. Please show your support for Zoë’s article with your network and vote for it. This is a great way to encourage the participants to raise their voices. 

YRE Global: Discover the Shortlisted Entries of the 2023 Young Reporters for the Environment International Competition

Please click on the link and check under Articles, 11-14 or find the direct link here.