When it comes to the current climate crisis, often the answers to our questions seem too complex and overwhelming to comprehend. And it’s impossible to tackle global warming if we don’t have a concrete understanding of what it is, how it’s caused and what we can do about it.

Together with BE Solar, we’re proud to share with you a brand-new series in which we give simple answers to your burning climate crisis questions.

Want to know what Bermuda’s carbon footprint is? Maybe you’re wondering how likely it is we experience a category 5 hurricane in the near future? Or how much of our island will end up underwater thanks to rising sea levels? Have no fear, we’ve got you!

Split into three easy-to-read parts, Simple Answers to Complex Questions About the Climate Crisis gives you everything you need to know about our changing world, how it will impact our island and what you can do about it.

Click below and explore our Climate Crisis Series, presented by BE Solar:

Understanding the Basics of the Climate Crisis

Bermuda’s Role in the Changing World

The Climate Crisis and the Threat it Poses to Our Environment

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