Believe it or not, COVID-19 is instilling in us some very important lessons, ones that we can carry with us into the future.


1. How Important Our Growers and Makers Are 
Locally-grown produce and locally-made products are more important now than ever before, and we will forever value those who spend their time producing for us.


2. How Valuable Small Businesses Are
When this is all behind us and we return to a more normal way of life, let us remember to source what we need locally before turning to Amazon or any other overseas online retailer. It is imperative that we support our own.


3. How Little We Need to Live a Good Life
Time spent with family, a walk outside and a home-cooked meal: these are things to value most.


4. How We Turn to Art in Times of Need
With new found time, we can explore. What are you reading, watching, and listening to?


5. How Important Time Outside Is
Even though we are confined to a half-mile radius, the time we spend outdoors is crucial for our mental, emotional and physical health. Plus, it’s Spring!


6. A Unified Approach to Solving Problems Is the Way Forward
We’re all in this together!


7. Teachers Are Valuable and They Need Our Support
Homeschooling is hard and our teachers deserve so much credit. Thank you!


8. Mental Health is as Important as Physical Health 
Taking the time to cater to our mental and emotional needs is of the utmost importance right now. Make sure you check in with yourself daily.


9. Hoarders Leave Others Vulnerable
Part of loving thy neighbour is making sure there’s enough for them too


10. We’re Optimists and We’re All Looking Forward to Better Days Ahead