The Garden Club of Bermuda (“GCB”) is donating $40,000 to four charities in support of extracurricular youth education programmes relating to the environment. Each organisation will received $10,000. The recipients are: Bermuda National Trust (“BNT”); Bermuda Zoological Society (“BZS”); Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (“BUEI”) and Waterstart.

The GCB is a registered charity which has been in existence for over 100 years. Its mission is to stimulate interest in horticulture, floral design and related subjects, and to aid in the conservation of natural resources.

In presenting these grants, Mrs Betty Dale, President of the GCB stated “through our Philanthropic Outreach initiative, we are making a $10,000 donation in support of your Youth Educational Programmes. The work that you do links with our objectives and by providing educational opportunities for our children at this level, potentially the benefit will be to the community at large and future generations.”

1. Dr Ian Walker, Principal Curator BZS, commented “Huge thank you to The Garden Club of Bermuda. This support is absolutely amazing because what it does is provide scholarships for children to attend our Aqua Camps during the summer period, students who otherwise may not have the opportunity to enjoy all of our natural environment, get out to North Rock, explore Trunk Island which is a huge investment in nature in Bermuda … ”

2. Mrs Karen Border, Executive Director BNT remarked “… We are delighted to receive this generous gift from The Garden Club of Bermuda. We are going to put these funds towards renting mini-buses so that we can bring students into our space to places like Spittal Pond and Paget Marsh, which some students in Bermuda have never visited …”

3. Mrs Karla Lacey, BUEI Chief Executive Officer said “We would just like to thank The Garden Club of Bermuda for this generous donation. It is really progressive of them to extend education to all things environmental that aligns with their mission. The Eco Schools programme, the work that is being done by the Education team, linking that together and making additional support available for young people to participate is a great tie-in with the goals and objectives of the Garden Club of Bermuda and we appreciate they recognise that.”

4. Mr JP Skinner, director of Waterstart stated: “I would just like to say on behalf of our board of directors, the staff and most importantly the students of Waterstart, a huge thank you to The Garden Club of Bermuda. Especially the students, they will be the recipients of these funds to allow them the opportunity to get outdoors to explore this beautiful natural environment we have in Bermuda. “

On an annual basis, the GCB also offers a scholarship for higher education.

Further information can be found on the GCB website:
Registered Charity No. 354