While the majority of us are practicing isolation for the safety of ourselves and others, there are those who are on the front lines, helping our country to successfully navigate this unprecedented time. Here we salute our 11 local heroes, they deserve our endless support.


1. The Honourable Premier David Burt, and Ministers Caines and Wilson: Their decisive action, frequent communication and cool headedness is everything we need right now.

2. Hospital Workers: Those who put themselves at risk to take care of others.

3. First Responders and the Regiment: Taking care of emergency situations and conducting roadside checks.

4. Essential Workers: All of those who show up for work each day at grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, to deliver the mail and more. Thank you!

5. Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone (owner of Lili Bermuda) and son, William have made over 500 liters of hand sanitizer to donate to workers on the front-lines. Ramsay-Brackstone told The Royal Gazette that grocery stores will use it to help keep staff, customers and equipment germ free. Read more about them and their efforts, here.

6. Bernews: For streaming live press conferences and keeping us up-to-date with government advisories.

7. Trash Collectors: For doing a thankless job at a time when we need it most. We love you!

8. Coalition for the Protection of Children, The Eliza Dolittle Society, The Salvation Army, the Women’s Resource Centre and all those working to feed and take care of others. To learn how you can help any one of these important organizations, visit their Facebook pages. The Eliza Dolittle Society is looking for volunteers at their food bank this coming Tuesday from 9:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Message them on Facebook or call 333-4483 to get in-touch.

9. Kristin White who launched an initiative to raise funds for Bermudian women who need help with food or rent payments through her Facebook group Black Girl Magic – Bermuda. To donate, send her a message via Instagram (@itskristindotcom) or her website, www.kristindotcom.com/connect.

10. Small business owners who have found alternative ways to operate, including offering online shopping, curbside pickup, delivery and providing services virtually. 

11. Those staying home to limit the contagion: Keep doing it!