On Saturday, May 2nd at 6AM, Bermuda’s Shelter in Place period will end, and the island will enter into Phase 1 of the proposed phased reopening of Bermuda. But, how does Phase 1 differ from Shelter in Place? Where Shelter in Place was a 24/7 government ordered lockdown, Phase 1 is the first step of restoring normalcy in Bermuda, and with it comes more freedom for us to enjoy time outdoors, pick-up takeout from our favourite restaurants, and shop the inventories of our favourite local retailers.

Here is everything you need to know about Phase 1:

Am I allowed to go back to working from the office?
No, you are to continue to work from home where possible, your office should remain closed.


Are my kids allowed to go back to school? 
No, schools will remain closed. Schools will open during Phase 3.


Can I go for a walk on the Railway Trail or for a swim at the beach?
Yes! Parks, beaches, the railway trails, and golf courses will reopen. However, golf clubs, and any sporting club building will remain closed and all activities will have to follow social distancing. 


I really need to buy some new pajamas. Am I allowed to go into town to shop? 
You are allowed to shop via curbside service or home delivery. Retail businesses and restaurants will be permitted to open between the hours of 7am and 9pm, with only curbside service, or home delivery. For a list of additional open businesses, please click here. 


Can I go grocery shopping any day of the week?
No, grocery stores will remain open under the current conditions (shopping on your prescribed days by last name) so that stores will not be overwhelmed. 


Can I visit my friend at their home? It’s been more than a month since I’ve seen anyone. 
Yes, you can visit friends and other households. However, the Government strongly encourages the public not to visit households with vulnerable persons. Furthermore, gatherings are limited to only 10 people.   


Is there still a curfew in place?
Yes, starting on Saturday, May 2nd, there will be a curfew from 10PM-6AM. 


When will the airport open?
L. F. Wade International Airport remains closed. There are currently no scheduled commercial flights. The airport will be opened in Phase 4.


Do I still wear a mask and practice lots of hand washing or is the threat of COVID-19 now over? 
Yes, although the Shelter in Place is over, we still must maintain our physical, and social distance. This includes lots of hand washing and wearing a mask. The threat of COVID-19 is not over. But, with every week that passes without community spread, the sooner we can move onto additional phases.


When can we move on to Phase 2? 
In his remarks, Premier Burt made it clear that there are no dates attached to phases two, three, and four. Progression is, however, directly dependent on how well Bermudians comply with Phase 1. We must all work together, follow the rules, and follow the guidance laid out in the first phase to move on to subsequent phases.


For more information, please click here.