To better yourself and your community.

1. Eliminate Single-Use Plastics from Your Daily Life
In August 2021 the government of Bermuda announced that it is taking steps to eliminate single-use plastics by 2022, a huge win for the environment! If you’re new to the plastic-free way of life, make sure to pick up the basics: a reusable water bottle (preferably one that can keep liquids cold), a reusable cutlery set, tote bags and produce bags for the grocery stores, and reusable food storage containers, all of which can be purchased locally from Naked Zero (

2. Host a Beach Clean-Up
One stroll along the sandy shore and you’re sure to find bottles, caps and other trash left behind by others, as well as garbage (including microplastics) washed ashore. Organise your friends and family members and host a beach clean-up. Give everyone a garbage bag and challenge them to fill it!

3. Support Our Local Growers
There are plenty of reasons why you should be getting your produce from a local farmer’s market, namely that it’s the best way to support our local growers and help mitigate climate change by sidestepping the CO2 emissions produced when importing fruits and vegetables to our island. If you’re already familiar with our local farmers’ markets, good for you! If not though, there’s no better time than now to do so.

4. Volunteer Your Time
A great way to better connect with your community is by volunteering. There is a wide array of local charities you can help, so do your research: align with an organisation that has an ethos you admire or provides services you are passionate about helping to administer. Dedicating yourself to helping others is a worthwhile use of your time and in return you might make new friends and expand your own network.

5. Grow Your Own Herb Garden
Buying fresh herbs in the grocery store can be expensive, so try your hand at growing your own. Start by finding a large pot or wooden wine crate, filling it with high-quality soil and planting an assortment of herbs, like basil, thyme, sage, rosemary and parsley. You’ll want to keep your herb garden either outside or near a window where it can enjoy lots of sunlight.

6. Exercise
Getting regular exercise is good for helping to prevent or manage strokes, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety and arthritis and can aid in memory and brain function, better sleep, and weight management. Physicians advise us to aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day, but it’s easy to get into an exercise rut if you’ve been doing the same thing for a long time. Try spicing up your exercise routine with something new like tower Pilates with Vehia Walker at BDA Pilates (, run a 5K with Beat the Couch ( or get flexible at Shamana Circle (

7. Donate What You Don’t Need
Do you love it? Do you use it? Does it spark joy? If the answer to those questions is no, then it’s time for it to go! The vast majority of us have too much stuff and instead of hanging on to things we don’t need, why not donate them to people within the community who do? Take your unused things to one of our local thrift stores or list for free on social media and you’ll ensure that your unused items go to good use.

8. Get a Hobby
Taking up a new hobby is a great way to enhance your life. Studies show that partaking in a hobby for a few hours per week can help reduce the risk of depression and dementia and joining a group or club is a great way to meet new people. Looking for suggestions? Join the Walking Club of Bermuda for a scenic stroll every Sunday morning (, join the weekly life drawing classes at the Bermuda Society of Arts ( or get your PADI and start diving Bermuda’s wrecks and reefs (

7. Go Green with Your Beauty Routine
There’s a good reason why the green beauty industry has grown exponentially in the last few years: not only are green beauty products free of harmful chemicals and thus good for the environment but they’re good for your skin too. In fact, a 2020 documentary entitled Toxic Beauty investigated the unregulated chemicals found in mainstream beauty products and labeled those products “the new cigarette” because of their harmful effects. So aim to cleanse your beauty and skin care with clean and green products from both Cassine ( and Salt + Cedar (—your skin and the environment will thank you for years to come!

8. Head Outdoors
According to new research, time spent outdoors in nature is a good way to lower your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, preterm birth and high blood pressure, and with so many beautiful beaches, trails and parks in Bermuda, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding new places to explore.

9. Support Local Businesses
Buying Bermuda is a simple concept with a huge impact! On average, for every $100 you spend at a local business $68 will stay on the island, and local business owners are invested in the well-being of the community so they’re more likely to donate and support local charities and organisations. If you’re looking for new ways to support local business, consider trying a new restaurant, joining a gym, visiting the farmers’ market and buying from local makers and crafters.