Today is the 54th anniversary of Earth Day! First celebrated in 1970, we celebrate Earth Day as a way to raise awareness about environmental issues. Each year the focus of the day holds a different emphasis, with this years theme being, “Planet vs Plastics”.

The global organisers of the event passionately state on their website: “EARTHDAY.ORG is unwavering in our commitment to end plastics for the sake of human and planetary health, demanding a 60% reduction in the production of ALL plastics by 2040

Collectively, and in partnership with the earth, we have the power to build a greener and prosperous future for generations to come. In honour of our beloved planet, here are 7 ways to celebrate Earth Day, both locally and virtually.

1. Take Part in the Earth Day Challenge
Greenrock is encouraging everyone to participate in their Earth Day Challenge, a community initiative that aims to inspire environmental action across all ages. Commit to as many of the following activities as possible on Earth Day:

    • Reduce energy consumption
    • Cook your meals at home
    • Remember to recycle
    • Spend time outdoors
    • Clean up the coast
    • Buy local produce
    • Go plastic free
    • Plant a few trees
    • Go for a nature walk
    • Start a home garden
    • Ride your cycle or use zero emission vehicles
    • Go meatless for the day
    • Pick up waste in your area

    To sign up and pledge your commitment to the challenge, click here. And, don’t forget to document your progress and share your photographs to social media with the hashtag #EarthDayBDA.

    2. Earth Day LIVE: Towards a Strong Plastic Treaty
    On, Earth Day’s official website, the global digital live show will stream all afternoon. Stream the event here to learn about key solutions that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet the Paris Agreement. There will be workshops, discussion panels, and performances from grassroots activists, industry leaders, and climate change influencers.

      3. Watch Greenrock’s Earth Hour Live Broadcast on Youtube 
      Two years ago, Greenrock hosted a 2-hour long virtual broadcast highlighting the environmental issues and initiatives specific to Bermuda. The broadcast features speakers, interviews with the public and informative discussions on Bermuda’s future as a more sustainable country. Watch local activists shed light on important and pressing issues unique to our island, such as the Belco Air pollution and accessible recycling options.

      Watch the national broadcast on Youtube by clicking here. 
      For more information on Greenrock and how you can take local action, click here

      4. Virtual Earth Day with NASA
      In celebration of Earth Day 2023, NASA are hosting a series of virtual events designed to promote the beauty of our earth and how we can protect it. There will be keynote speakers such as former NASA Astronaut, Dr. Don Thomas, Kahoot! and trivia games, live chats with NASA experts, a kid-friendly zone and an educational learning zone.

        Anyone in the world can register for free by clicking here.

          5. Support Sustainable Local Businesses
          Shop sustainable, earth-friendly products locally! Check out CassineSalt + Cedar, Tuck Shop, Orange Bay Company along with local thrift shops to shop green beauty products, sustainable clothing and second hand furniture. And, don’t forget to visit our local farmers markets for fresh and seasonal produce!

            6. Donate
            Lend your support to local charities by donating to Keep Bermuda BeautifulGreenrock, the Bermuda Audubon Society, or Save Open Spaces.

            7. Join or Host a Cleanup
            To celebrate Earth Day this year, more than 600 KBB volunteers will be taking part in clean-ups at 22 locations island-wide from April 22-28th. If you are not registered for one of these events, consider hosting your own clean-up in your neighbourhood or at your nearest park or beach. With a supply of trash bags at the ready, grab a few friends and family members and do your part to help keep our island beautiful!
            KBB’S Great Big Bermuda Clean-Up