For the 14th year, HSBC Bermuda is the lead sponsor of Bermuda’s largest sporting event, bringing not only two days of cricket but also numerous community and celebratory events to the Island.

When it comes to celebrating the Island’s biggest sporting event and holiday, few spread Cup Match fever like HSBC Bermuda.

CEO Steve Banner said “All of us at HSBC Bermuda are proud of our association with this special event that strives to brings together the community. HSBC has been involved with Cup Match since 2006 and no one is more excited than us about this year’s match and all that it brings to Bermuda.”

Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, Tanya Bule commented “The entire bank gets involved with the Cup Match experience in both the lead up to, and during the event, and there is always some good-natured rivalry between the cricket fans among our staff.”

To encourage that camaraderie and community spirit, HSBC will kick off their Cup Match celebrations with the Cup Match motorcades during which HSBC staff members will travel from both ends of the Island and line the streets, handing out car flags to Somerset and St. George’s supporters so everybody can “fly their team’s colours with pride.”

“We also decorate our building, inside and out,” Bule continues, “which just adds to the excitement.”

HSBC Bermuda sponsors the game including the background costs that go with hosting the two-day cricket match. Further information will be provided in the local press over the next week with respect to the event and scheduled media coverage.

“On Monday July 26th the annual Cup Match motorcade will be heading into Hamilton from Somerset and then on  Tuesday July 27th the motorcade will head into Hamilton from St. Georges. Look out for snow cones at the Harbourview Branch on Wednesday July 28th between Noon and 2:00 p.m.,” says Erica Sousa, Manager of Sponsorship and Events at the bank.

 “Our customers and other members of the public really seem to enjoy all the excitement at Cup Match time, and we really value our role in honouring the many important Bermudian traditions that are unique to the Island at this time of year,” continues Sousa.

In closing, Banner shared “On behalf of all the staff at HSBC Bermuda I would like to wish everyone the very best Emancipation Day and Mary Price Day holidays and Cup Match event –  and, as always, ‘may the best team win!”