Party planners rejoice! There’s a new audio guestbook service available on-island, perfect for weddings, engagement parties, retirement celebrations, and kids parties too!

A more personal alternative to the traditional guestbook, Party Line BDA offers a retro telephone – in Bermudian pink – which allows guests to record messages at special events. Given the potential sentimental value, the Party Line phone is ideal for weddings, birthday festivities, anniversary parties, retirement celebrations and more.

The device is user-friendly, with the hosts sharing a welcome greeting, which plays as soon as the phone is lifted off of the cradle, inviting their guests to ‘leave a message after the beep’. With no further steps needed to capture these important memories, it’s extremely simple to use – even after the drinks start flowing! Powered by a portable power bank it doesn’t even need to be plugged in – useful for outdoor celebrations – and audio files are shared digitally after the event.

Siân Blackmore, owner of Party Line BDA – photograph by Brandon Morrison

Siân Blackmore, owner of Party Line BDA, said: ‘When looking for a guestbook solution for our own wedding, my husband and I fell in love with the idea of an audio guestbook. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a local option available so we decided to come up with one ourselves for other people!

‘The pink phone is a cute, retro addition to event décor but small enough that it doesn’t need to pull focus. Most importantly, it’s a fun experience for guests and a wonderful way to capture the sounds of your loved ones’ voices on a special occasion, which can be enjoyed for years to come.’

Photograph by Alexander Masters

The phone is available on a daily or weekend hire rate, with various delivery options. It can also be booked alongside a neon ‘Leave us a Message’ sign. In the future, additional colour options and a vinyl record pressing option may be made available, depending on demand.

Further information, along with updates, can be found on the company’s Instagram account, @PartyLineBermuda and booking enquiries can be sent to