After a two-year hiatus, The Bermuda National Trust is set to host its annual Environment and Cultural Heritage Awards once again this June.

The awards, sponsored by Butterfield & Vallis, recognise individuals, organisations or groups which have worked for the benefit of Bermuda and its people, to preserve places of beauty, environmental significance or historical interest, buildings or artefacts, or animal and plant life, and to promote their appreciation.  

The public is invited to submit nominations across a range of the following categories:

  • School Awards – There are specific awards for School Programmes that focus on Bermuda’s natural and cultural heritage. Teachers, students and parents are encouraged to nominate their school for an award if they have a successful curricular or extra-curricular programme focused on one of these areas, such as a nature club, or have completed a project focused on appreciation of an aspect of Bermuda’s cultural heritage.  
  • Environment Awards– Awarded to individuals or groups who have made contributions to enhancing and protecting Bermuda’s environment.
  • Preservation Awards – Highlights those who have enhanced or protected Bermuda’s man-made heritage, such as monuments, forts or historic buildings.  
  • The Outstanding Young Environmentalist – Awarded to a young person (must be less than 26 years as of 31 December 2021) who has made an exceptional contribution to the preservation of Bermuda’s natural environment.  
  • Awareness Awards – Presented for projects, programmes or initiatives that serve to inspire appreciation and stewardship of Bermuda’s unique natural, built and cultural heritage. For example, films, videos and books about Bermuda’s environment, history or culture would be considered in this category.  
  • Architecture Awards – Gives recognition to new buildings or additions that show particular sensitivity to Bermuda’s traditional architecture or are appropriate restorations of old buildings. Both the owner/builder and architects can be nominated for these awards. If you are proud of the traditional home that you have built, or think that the addition/renovation that you have carried out upholds Bermuda’s architectural traditions, please send in your own nomination.  

Nominations must be submitted by May 9th and will be accepted for the period June 2020- May 2022. You can download the nomination form here, or pick up a physical copy from the BNT’s office at Waterville, 2 Pomander Road, Paget.

All nominations will be carefully researched and considered by BNT committees, with the award presentation ceremony taking place on June 16th, 2022.