If your teen’s idea of fun involves something a little more exciting than family movie night or a nature walk, we’ve got you covered! Here are some things you can do with your adventurous teen you may not know about.


Think of geocaching as the world’s largest treasure hunt. All you need is the free app downloaded on your phone, an adventurous spirit, and some good walking shoes.
Once you open the app, you can choose a geocache to find. Navigate to its location, and when you find it, sign the logbook and celebrate! Some geocaches are more difficult to find than others, so it’s a fantastic way to get out and enjoy the beauty of our island, perhaps exploring places you’ve never been before. And even better, it’s free! Visit geocaching.com to learn more.

Take a paddle-boarding tour or surf lessons

Bermuda’s natural beauty offers ample opportunities for adventure, especially on the water. Enjoy a paddleboarding tour through Hungry Bay Nature Reserve, or perhaps you’re daring enough to try surfing. BermudAdventure offers tours and lessons with experienced and knowledgeable instructors. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy our island together with your teen. For more information, email bermudadventure@gmail.com.

Go lobster diving or spearfishing

Take your teen lobster diving or spearfishing and experience the thrill of the hunt together (followed by a delicious dinner, if you’re successful)! If your child is at least 12 years old, they can apply for a recreational lobster diving license, or a spearfishing license starting at age 16. Spend a day on the water hunting for some of Bermuda’s tastiest inhabitants. You must be a Bermuda resident to apply. Visit or call the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on 236-4201 for more information.

Skateboarding at Isolated

Located on the edge of Hamilton, Isolated has become an inviting hang-out spot for kids and adults alike. Inside the eye-catching space you’ll find a small, unintimidating half pipe perfect for beginners. Drop in for a casual skate session on the ramp or book a lesson to learn the basics. This is a fun way to connect with your teen and enjoy the laid-back vibes inside this unique venue. Visit isolated.com to book a lesson or learn more.

Watch a Bermuda Karting Race

If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend a Sunday, take your teen to St David’s to watch kart racing. Held every other Sunday from September through May at the Southside Raceway near Clearwater Beach, spectators can enjoy watching different classes of racing from the stands (this is free!) or purchase a Pit Pass for a chance to mingle with the pit crew and drivers. Follow Bermuda Karting Club on Facebook for up-to-date information.