Despite what the towering cruise ships that usually occupy the skyline may lead you to believe, Dockyard isn’t just for tourists. It’s also a fun place to spend a day with the family, and we’ve got some ideas for how to spend your time there. Here’s our take on an itinerary for your day in Dockyard with the kids.


While Dockyard boasts several fantastic restaurants, our pick for a casual but delicious breakfast with the kids is Dockyard Pastry Shop. We recommend sitting outside on the private patio under bright umbrellas to enjoy coffee, tea, and mouth-watering baked goods.

Morning Activity

Take the path from the pastry shop through the Victualing Yard until you come out the other side. Cross the street and purchase admission to enjoy the National Museum of Bermuda. Here you can walk through the old buildings to learn about Bermuda’s maritime and cultural history. Don’t miss the Hall of History inside the Commissioner’s House and be sure to wave hello to the playful residents at Dolphin Quest, who will delight you with their tricks. Children will also enjoy the playground here.


The Frog & Onion is always a favorite for more reasons than just the food. Besides delicious pub fare, the inside resembles an old fortress or castle. And be sure to point out to your kids the sign designating the bathroom location – the Poop Deck – which is sure to ignite giggles! Try to name all the countries represented by the large flags hanging on the wall while you enjoy lunch together.

Afternoon Activity

With full bellies it’s time to explore some more! If you have small children in your party, be sure to let them run around the playground across from the restaurant. And if you’ve brought a change of clothes, the sprinklers just outside of Snorkel Park are always a hit. Your older children and teens will enjoy a round of mini golf at Bermuda Fun Golf there. It’s surprisingly challenging and also boasts some of the most beautiful views on the island.

Time For A Treat

If you’re not too full from lunch, cross back to the main section of Dockyard and over to Alex and Pete’s for their artisan ice cream. Here you’ll find frozen treats made with high quality natural ingredients and handcrafted Bermuda flavours like Southampton Sea Salt Caramel, Hog Bay Chocolate Brownie Chunk, and even Rum Swizzle.

Heading Home

Stop to admire the sea glass at Sea Glass Beach on your way out of Dockyard. Located next to Black Bay, Sea Glass Beach offers a very unique experience. Not so much a beach for swimming, instead it’s a beach for looking and listening. Try to find as many colours of sea glass as possible (but don’t remove them; it’s illegal!) while listening to the gentle tinkling sound of the water rolling over the glass pieces.