Get ready for a festive evening of fun! Level up your family game night or throw a Holiday party with this collection of fun games and activities.

Christmas Dance Freeze
Turn rockin’ around the Christmas tree into a competition by holding a holiday dance-off. Turn on the music and get groovin’, then shut it off without warning and shout, “freeze!” Whoever stops moving last is out. You’ll get the giggles, guaranteed.

Candy Cane Hunt
If you already have candy canes lying around for decorating or eating, then you’re halfway to playing this game. Instead of hiding Easter eggs, conceal a selection of candy canes around the house or the yard if you live in a warm climate. Just don’t forget any, if you don’t want a sticky surprise in a few weeks

Holiday Scavenger Hunt
Ready to take the party outdoors? Bundle up and head out for a fun holiday scavenger hunt that will take you all around your neighbourhood.

Cookie Decorating Contest
Turn one of your holiday baking chores into a game for the whole family by adding a little friendly competition. The rules are simple: Whoever decorates the best cookie wins. Add categories for messiest, most creative or most toppings for bigger groups. All competitors get to eat their creations at the end so really, everyone wins.

Snow Man Slam Game
This quieter, softer tabletop version of snowman bowling will keep the kids occupied while the grown-ups get dinner going. Decorate white Styrofoam cups with adorable felt snowmen faces, pile them into a pyramid and toss a pom-pom “snowball” at them to see who can get a strike.

Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Toss
To play this minute to win it game, place six mugs in a triangular formation at the end of a table. Ask players to stand at the other end of the table and attempt to toss a marshmallow into each mug in under a minute. No matter who wins, there will be plenty of hot cocoa to go around at the end!

Candy Cane Hook ‘Em Game
Here’s a game that’ll really hook you and your family! It involves using your mouth to link together candy canes and transfer them into a bowl. Any player who can successfully move five candy canes in under one minute scores up to 5 points.