Its the time to switch over the seasonal delights! This sweet, sparkling and spiced combination of fall flavours is sure to satisfy.


1 bottle sparkling white grape juice

½ gallon apple cider

2 cans ginger beer

1 cup water

2-3 sweet apples, sliced 

6 cinnamon sticks

A few star anise (optional)

Rosemary sprig (to garnish)

Cinnamon and sugar for the rim (optional)


Add ice to a large bowl or jug, then pour in your sparkling juice, apple cider, ginger beer and water.
Add sliced apples and cinnamon sticks.
Rim your glasses with cinnamon sugar and serve!

How to sugar rim a glass:
Wet the rim with a liquid such as citrus juice.
Dip or roll the rim in a tray filled with cinnamon sugar.
Shake off any excess.
Allow the rim to dry before pouring drink.