Learning doesn’t only take place within the school classroom. In fact, some might argue that children sometimes learn better outside of those four walls! If you’re looking for some fun but educational activities for your kids outside of school, here are a few of our favorites.

Learn about art with BNG Kids

Instead of just visiting the Bermuda National Gallery, kids can enjoy a more involved learning experience through BNG Kids Exhibition Activity Packs. These free resources are aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 14 and encourage kids to explore the gallery on their own. The activity books are designed to accompany each of the three exhibitions on display, providing children with opportunities to explore the themes presented and learn new skills. Admission is free for 2023.

Learn about local horticulture with Youth Eco/Garden Club

Learn about seeds and propagation of plants with hands-on gardening at Government House Garden every week at Garden Club. Kids 12 and up will get involved in the planting of endemic and native plants while learning about Bermuda’s plants and animals. For more information contact myles.darrell@bnt.bm.

Learn math at Planet Math

Whether your child needs a little extra help with math or just wants to get ahead, Planet Math is a great resource. With its goal of fostering a love and appreciation of mathematics while bringing math to life among Bermuda’s youth, Planet Math offers everything from afterschool programmes and tutoring to holiday camps. Visit Planet Math to learn more.

Improve literacy at the Youth Library

The Bermuda Youth Library has programmes for every age, and we think it’s an incredible yet underused resource for families. Whether it’s Book Babies, Storytime, S.T.E.A.M. Club, Teen Advisory Board, or even Magic Club, there are so many opportunities for learning at the library. Most programmes are free or very low cost. Visit Bermuda National Library to learn more or register for events.

Learn kitchen skills with Bermuda Cupcake Company

Do you have a child who loves to help in the kitchen? Encourage that interest and boost confidence with baking classes through Bermuda Cupcake Company. Here you’ll find kitchen camps and online camps that teach essential baking and decorating skills. Besides camps and group classes, private classes are also available. Visit Bermuda Cupcake Company to learn more.