The Environmental Campaign Photo Category provides a platform for young photojournalists to submit creative, high-quality photos that address historical, economic, social, and political implications through an environmental lens while showing a correlation between local and global issues while addressing the problem with realistic solutions.

Winners: Sophie Eden, Caitlyn Glawdwin and Anthony Buckley

Environmental Campaign Photography Winner Age 11-14 & YRE Global Entry

Sophie Eden – Happiness Ahead
Age: 11
School: Warwick Academy

Happiness Ahead by Sophie Eden

This picture inspires me because when I took it, it made me think of where all these bottle caps came from and their journey to the wonderful island of Bermuda.

This makes me think about how much plastic is coming into our oceans and soon, if we keep on littering then our beaches won’t be lovely anymore and be filled with plastics.

Soon, there will be more plastic than there are fish in the world.

Whenever me and my mom go to Shelly Bay beach and we walk on the trail, I see so many pieces of trash in the clear water. It makes me very disappointed and sad when I see this. But this terrible habit also motivates me to clean up more beaches. And I hope this also motivates others.

Environmental Campaign Photography Winner Age 15-18

Caitlyn Glawdwin – Washed Away
Age: 16
School: BHS

Washed Away by Caitlyn Glawdwin

The once eco-friendly huts are now being washed away yet the structures still stand and ruin the beautiful environment around them. Pylons were used to create a minimal impact so they could be easily removed with little disruption to the environment. They now sit abandoned, an eye sore to the landscape, and are slowly being broken apart due to storms/hurricanes. They clutter up the nearby beaches and parts of these units are being washed overboard creating pollution in the water. They are harmful to 2 environments (the land and sea). As far as I can see the only solution is to have them removed and return the land back to its natural beauty.

Environmental Campaign Photography Winner Age 19-25

Anthony Buckley – War For A Dying Planet
Age: 24
School: Bermuda College

War for a Dying Planet by Anthony Buckley

War for a Dying Planet is a call for action, urging people, governments, and companies to take action to fight climate change before it’s too late. For this photo, I wanted to show that there’s a lack of action and urgency to tackle climate change and that people are not prioritizing climate change as much as they should be.