The YRE Photo Story Category emphasizes the power of visual storytelling. Through a series of carefully curated photos, a story unfolds, capturing the essence of the topic at hand. The photographer was encouraged to provide captivating images that portrayed a narrative and engaged the viewer. The photo story should effectively communicate the subject’s significance and prompt reflection and awareness among the audience.

Photo Story Winner Age 19-25

Josiah Darrell – Untitled
Age: 20
School: Whitney Institute

During my early youth years, I developed a massive interest in marine life. I wondered about the unknowns of the ocean, I was fascinated with bioluminescence and the creatures that used it, and I really liked sharks. As I got older, with more expectations and pressure being put onto me, I started to appreciate nature and the peace it brought me. I enjoyed looking at the sparkling stars in the night sky, the violent yet calming waves that crashed against rocks and shores, and the soft, whistling wind that cooled my body. I want to protect nature and the ocean because it protects and brings me peace. Sometimes it even motivates me to create an amazing art piece. I want to protect nature and the ocean because they allow me to be the person I want to be.

Environmental Video Campaign Category 

The Environmental Video Campaign Category required a video under 3 minutes long, that adopted a promotional campaign or public service announcement style. At least 70% of the video content was created by the participant. The video addressed social implications of the topic through an environmental lens, establishing a connection between local and global issues. It also presented solutions to environmental problems or aimed to raise awareness about an environmental issue.

Honourable Mention

Francis Patton Primary School P5, Morton