After being educated locally at Bermuda High School for Girls, Ann received her B.Sc. in Office Administration from Bryant University and then her M.A. in Human Resource Development and Management from Webster University in 1990.

Ann has worked in the business world all of her working life and has experience in many areas, from the exempt business of reinsurance and shipping to the local utility company. For the past 19 years Ann has been a part of the Bermuda Red Cross. She initially began her work there as a part-time administrator, and over the years built the profile and reputation of the Bermuda Red Cross alongside the volunteer Director, Frank Gamble. In 1999, Frank Gamble stepped down, and Ann was asked to fill the position of Director, one which she retains today.  In 2002 Ann was appointed a Justice of the Peace. In 2012, Ann was honoured as one of the 100 Women 100 Visions, based on her economic, political and social achievements in the community. Ann is very proud to be a contributing member of the community through her voluntary service to many other organizations.

Ann is married to Robin and has two sons, Andrew, who is 27, and Ryan, who is 23. She has a stepson, Steven, and daughter-in-law, Lisa, as well as two granddaughters, who are nine and 12 years old.


What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

Following the Danish tradition of having our meal on Christmas Eve as well as opening gifts from the family. My mother was Danish and now that she has passed it is a way of keeping her close in our hearts.


What is your favourite Christmas dish or indulgence?

Cassava pie. My mother had a fabulous recipe that I have been using for 18 years. I now make these pies and sell them.  


What is your Christmas wish for Bermuda?

I wish that all residents of Bermuda could find it in themselves to remove any of the hate in their hearts. Growing up I never felt as much “hate” or discrimination as I feel now.


Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?

Haven’t really thought about that yet. It has been a very sad year. If anything, I would want myself to follow through on priorities or decisions that I make throughout the year. I have to learn to say NO.


Cassava or farine? 

Combined. Yummy!!!!


Christmas lunch or dinner? 

Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, and Christmas lunch on Christmas Day.


What is your favourite childhood memory of Christmas?

I loved going to my grandparents’ place in Spanish Point, where we would open a stocking with an orange, crunchie bar and 5 shillings and then open up gifts from our Scottish cousins. We always received a copy of Oor Wullie or the The Broons cartoon books. I loved reading them.


What is your favourite holiday event (Santa parade, boat parade, Bermuda National Trust Walkabout, etc.)?

I love the National Trust Walkabout as it brings residents from across the island together. The boat parade also brings out a kinder spirit as well.


What signifies the start of the holiday season for you? 

When the tree arrives. I cannot wait to get it up in the house to allow the branches to fall.  I put the lights on the trees of several family members, which is a real sense of accomplishment. To be honest, I shop all year round for gifts for the family and friends. Christmas is the best holiday because the family are all together, especially as some are now working overseas. We really make time to be together more.


What are your Boxing Day traditions?

Being lazy in the morning and then attending parties in the afternoon/evening. I enjoy it because it is so laid back. There have been some years that we have backed out at the last minute, because it is just too cozy at home to go out.