For over fifteen years, Kristin has been a community organiser, nonprofit leader, and entrepreneur. For the last 3 years, she has consulted with the Bermuda Tourism Authority as the tourism manager for the East End. Kristin’s cozy book and gift boutique in St. George’s (Long Story Short) offers top-rated tours and experiences, and has been featured in Afar Magazine, Travel + Leisure, and USA Today. As a popular blogger ( and influencer, Kristin’s posts receive several hundred engagements every week. She received the 2018 Best of Bermuda Award for Best Blogger and was one of 2017’s 10 Most Fascinating People.


What is your favourite Christmas tradition?
We have traditions throughout the entire day! For breakfast, we must have cinnamon rolls. I used to get the Pillsbury pop tube, but the last few years, I’ve been getting them uncooked from Sweet Saak Bakery and then baking them in the morning. The smell filling the house is the best thing ever. [We also do] Christmas Crackers! We pull them apart, put on the crowns, and try to steal someone else’s toy. Each person reads their joke aloud, and we laugh uproariously even though they are usually very corny. Late at the end of the day, as we are sitting around drinking and laughing, we bake some biscuits and then make mini sandwiches out of ham and turkey. We are already full so it’s really not necessary, but we do it every year because… TRADITION!


What is your favourite Christmas dish or indulgence?
My sister Rinelle’s Christmas Ham drizzled with her brown sugar mustard sauce. I will not dwell on the year that she decided to try a spiral ham and our whole world came crashing down.


What is your Christmas wish for Bermuda?
I don’t know if Santa can bring an improved public education system… so I’ll keep it a bit simpler and say that I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season without getting bogged down with over spending. I hope that we support local artists and entrepreneurs, gift tours and experiences, and purchase unique handmade products and also that we remember the gifts Mother Earth gives us every day and so be kind by minimizing how much waste we generate this season.


Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?
Always. I write a post with highlights and mistakes from the previous year with the goal of leaving it behind me, and focusing on the New Year. Losing weight, writing more, and being neater seem to feature every single year.


Cassava or farine? 
I really don’t care as long as it has chicken in it.  I don’t mess with meatless pie.


Christmas lunch or dinner? 
Breakfast (with the aforementioned Cinnamon Rolls) and Dinner (with the aforementioned Ham).


What is your favourite childhood memory of Christmas?
My family didn’t celebrate Christmas when I was little, and I don’t have any religious connections to the holiday, so celebrating now is really just a way for my sisters and our children to get together and enjoy spending time with each other.


What is your favourite holiday event (Santa parade, boat parade, Bermuda National Trust Walkabout, etc.)?
I love the Bermuda National Trust Christmas Walkabout because it showcases St. George’s at it’s best. The streets are alive, the historic homes brightly lit, there’s music filling the air and everyone handing out wine – what’s not to love?


What signifies the start of the holiday season for you? 
 The Lighting of the Town! The Corporation of St. George’s does an incredible and creative job decorating for the season, so the night that we all gather on the square to watch the lights come on – that makes it official for me.


What are your Boxing Day traditions?
My son was born on Boxing Day 22 years ago, when I was only 16 years old, so that day has always been about celebrating him and all of the people that helped me to raise such a lovely human. We never had big parties, but would sometimes have a cake, and invite his friends around.  Now that he’s old, we have a toast and look at his baby pictures… my best Christmas gift ever.