Nina Froncioni is the owner of eco friendly candle company Limestone + Cedar Co. and also a graphic designer, photographer, traveller and dog lover.


What is your favourite Christmas tradition?
Spending a sunny Christmas Day on Elbow Beach. It’s always a great time catching up with friends, taking family photos on the beach, spreading some holiday cheer and even going for a swim if anyone is feeling brave enough! There’s really nothing quite like it.


What is your favourite Christmas dish or indulgence?
Something our family has done since I was little is smoked salmon on bagels Christmas morning – these days accompanied with mimosas! I remember my sister’s first Christmas away, as she skyped us in tears about missing us (and her bagel!).


What is your Christmas wish for Bermuda?
I wish to see a little more more love, understanding and positivity amongst all of us Bermudians. It is often those little acts of kindness that make the most impact, especially with a small community like Bermuda. Volunteer, donate, help someone in need and help to Keep Bermuda Beautiful.


Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?
Yes, this year I plan to waste less and recycle more. I visit the recycling center often as I use recycled bottles to make the candles for my company ‘Limestone + Cedar Co.’ and it really hits home how much waste there is. It’s something I want to incorporate more into my everyday life – which includes remembering to bring my shopping bag every time I go to the grocery store!


Cassava or farine? 
Cassava!! All the way.


Christmas lunch or dinner? 
Both. My family/extended family sits down for late lunch at the table around 4:00pm and then we all end up having late night seconds, normally accompanied with the ‘Harvey’s famous mac & cheese’.


What is your favourite childhood memory of Christmas?
Oh, so many fond memories. One year we were just about to eat when we noticed our two dogs were unusually quiet, apart from a series of ‘bang’ sounds coming from the kitchen. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we discovered one of them had grabbed the entire turkey off the counter only to get it stuck in the dog door! They were so guilty for days after that.


What is your favourite holiday event (Santa parade, boat parade, Bermuda National Trust Walkabout, etc.)?
It has to be the National Trust Walkabout. It’s such a magical event, and so humbling to see people opening up their beautiful homes to the community. I also fondly remember the Santa parade as a child – I remember being in total awe when Santa said my name!


What signifies the start of the holiday season for you? 
My husband and I have this funny tradition of playing the first christmas song on the morning of December 1st – normally it’s ‘Rudolph Rap by the California Raisins’. Who ever is awake first, races to play it (quite loudly throughout the house) to wake the other up and declare it’s Christmas time!


What are your Boxing Day traditions?
Generally just resting, going through photos of the day before and eating amazing leftover turkey sandwiches (with cassava of course!).