As the owner of The Bridal Suite Bermuda Weddings, Mrs. Nandi Outerbridge is a young, energetic rising star. Nandi was educated at Warwick Academy and Saltus Grammar School in Bermuda, and then attended CompuCollege in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She earned a degree in business and computer applications, accounting and a certificate in supervisory management.

Nandi has been in the wedding planning industry for a number of years and has a passion for bringing visions to life. Being a born Bermudian, Nandi’s extensive knowledge of the island and its amenities is a great asset in assisting her clients to execute the precise details of their creative vision. She continues to be a strong contributing member of the Bermudian community.

Nandi was also one of the youngest members of parliament elected in 2012, moved on to become the youngest female Government Whip and than the Minister of Social Development & Sports.

Nandi is married with one son, age 8.



1. What is your favourite Bermudian tradition?

My favourite Bermudian tradition is following the Gombeys on holidays. I absolutely love everything about the Gombeys and spending the time with my family.


2. Where is the best place for a fish sandwich?

I would have to say “Sea Side Grill on North Shore Bermuda.” There are other close competitors, if I may add.


3. Where is the best place for sushi?

My favourite is L’Oriental – but I am a deep fried sushi eater, so I don’t know if I count.


4. What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Always be true to yourself!


5. What do you like most about yourself?

My work ethic amazes me every single day. People always ask, “how do you do it?!”


6. What’s your favourite thing to do on Sunday?

Relax with my family, on the beach, in the trails or just around the house. With a busy schedule it is important to take time out and spend time with your loved ones.


7. How long have you been in Bermuda?

All my life. I was born here, so 31 years.


8. What’s your favourite beach?

Stonehole Bay Beach.


9. Loquat or Bermuda banana?

100% Loquats!


10. Cricket or football?

Football – Hamilton Parish Youth Soccer Program and Chelsea FC to be exact!