Qian Dickinson is a Partner and Content Creator for Bermemes, an eChannel Specialist at Clarien Bank and a Radio Personality on HOTT1075.


1. What is your favourite Christmas tradition?
My favourite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree. My wife has been collecting ornaments every year since she was a kid. So now, it’s great to place so many memories onto the tree with our kids.


2. What is your favourite Christmas dish or indulgence?
My favourite food in the world is salad (I know how boring). But, my late great-grandmother used to have a special Christmas salad with “secret” ingredients. Thankfully, she handed the recipe down to my oldest sister who still makes it to perfection. And I have to say… It’s still worth waiting all year for!


3. What is your Christmas wish for Bermuda?
I wish that we could recognize the importance of community (common-unity) more, and spread the love and harmony beyond the Season.


4. Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?
No, because tomorrow is not promised. I feel like everyday that I’m blessed with is an opportunity to try and be the best version of myself.


5. Cassava or farine?
Cassava, but I’m good with either.


6. Christmas lunch or dinner?
Dinner. Tasting food prior to dinner is the unofficial lunch though right?


7. What is your favourite childhood memory of Christmas?
My grandmother’s tradition of having Christmas Eve dinner and then playing board games as we waited to celebrate Christmas at midnight.


8. What is your favourite holiday event (Santa parade, boat parade, Bermuda National Trust Walkabout, etc.)?
In recent years, definitely the Christmas Parade because our kids really look forward to it. I also feel very much apart of the event because I stand in the middle of the street with my camera, covering it for Bermemes.


9. What signifies the start of the holiday season for you?
It’s between putting the tree up and placing decorations around the house, and seeing eggnog for the first time at the grocery store.


10. What are your Boxing Day traditions?
I don’t really have a huge Boxing Day tradition, but like everyone I definitely keep an ear out for the Gombeys coming through the neighbourhood… AYO!