Tina Stevenson has been the editor and publisher at The Bermudian Publishing Company since 2003. During her time at the helm of The Bermudian magazine, she has launched TheBermudian.com, Eat Out Bermuda magazine, The Bermudian Weddings, The Bermudian Business Profiles, and more! Here, Tina shares with us her favourite things.


1. What is your favourite Bermudian tradition?
Codfish breakfast and Kite Day. When we were little my grandfather made codfish breakfast every Sunday. My dad would take us, and I loved it! Scott and I make it the very same way and carry on the tradition (although not every Sunday). Food and family are a great source of pleasure for us.

And I love Kite Day! Growing up my dad would put a sheet down on the dining room table for about two weeks before Easter while we (actually, he) made our kites. We’d fly them on Warwick Academy field. After all of us grew up, left home, got married, had kids, we still would gather every Good Friday at my parent’s house to fly kites on the field and have cod fish cakes and hot cross buns. We won’t do that this year for the first time, well, ever. Not sure what the new tradition will be but no matter what, it still will include cod fish cakes and a hot cross buns. ‘Your kite won’t get up without them’, my mother used to say.


2. Where is the best place for a fish sandwich?
Seriously, after buying, photographing and eating 25 fish sandwiches for The Bermudian’s Fish Sandwich Tote Bag (now back in stock – click here to purchase for $24.95) – I really don’t know!


3. What’s the most Instagram-worthy place in Bermuda?
Bermuda’s beaches. The aerial shots are especially gorgeous. I simply never get tired of the beauty of our South Shore


4. What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
From as early as I can remember, my dad used to say, “Don’t worry Toots, every doggie has its day.” Later I embraced, “Don’t compare yourself to others. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.” And now I live by “Karma is a way better bitch than I could ever be!”


5. What do you like most about yourself?
My unfathomable ability to attract the most wonderful people as friends and lovers throughout my life.


6. What do you like least about yourself?
My affinity for/overuse of the F word.


7. What keeps you up at night?
After all these years I still worry about the kids.


8. What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome?
Being widowed at 40 with two small children.


9. What’s your favourite thing to do on Sunday?
In the warmer months Scott and I do a Sunday morning power walk on the Elbow/Coral Beach stretch and then have a swim. It feels glorious and, as I like to say, it’s the best thing for the body and the soul.


10. What was your first job ever?
Christmas gift wrapping at A.S. Coopers. I was terrible at it and was politely fired. My mother said it was because I was left handed and that made me special.


11. Who was your favourite teacher as a child?
I can’t think of one, but I sure can remember all the ones who should not have been allowed near a classroom. Shout out to:
Mrs. Devlin, Mr. Davies, Mrs. Walenchek, Mrs. Stimpson, Mr. Hawkes, Jed.


12. Who was/is the most influential person in your life?
Hands down my mother. The kindest, wisest, smartest, bravest, most selfless woman I will ever know.


13. What’s in your wallet right now?
All those little receipts from the new chip and pin system that still confuses me.


14. Do you ever get island fever?
No, but I would love more time to travel.


15. What is your biggest phobia?
R. A. T. We are not allowed to say the word outloud in our home.


16. What’s your favourite thing in your office?
The bound Bermudian magazines dating back to 1930. What a treasure trove!


17. What’s your favourite thing at home?
My rose bushes, I am so proud of them! My mother was a great rosarian, but I never had the time or inclination to keep anything alive, much less roses. I planted 5 Bermuda roses in October 2017 using my mother’s method for success. I was able to share their great progress with her for their first 6 months. Today they are flourishing, and I look out from the kitchen and enjoy them every day.”


18. Loquat or Bermuda banana?
Childhood: loquat. Adulthood: banana. We have a smoothie with frozen Bermuda banana and Bermyfresh microgreens every morning for breakfast.


19. St George’s or Somerset?


20. What is your guilty pleasure?
Red wine and dark chocolate – and watching Schitts Creek. Sometimes all at the same time!


21. What are you reading right now?
In the Eye of All Trade. Kidding, but one day I will. Really, I just finished a great little easy-read novel, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. Couldn’t put it down.