Nhuri is one photographer who isn’t afraid of pushing the creative boundaries. As the co-founder of Burnt House Productions, a Bermuda based advertising agency, Nhuri has become a frontrunner in the area of luxury lifestyle photography and film. Amazingly enough, he’s self-taught. As he tells it, just a few short years ago, his life was on a radically different track in the corporate world. While working in the local banking industry, Nhuri had an epiphany one day – he should be doing more with his creative passions and natural talent for photography. He stepped away from his cubicle and vowed never to return to that type of working environment again. These days he gets paid to showcase the best and brightest of Bermuda. His resumé boasts clients such as the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club and Gosling’s, to name a few.


1. What is your favourite Bermudian tradition?
My favorite Bermudian tradition would have to be Cup Match. I truly believe that the deep cultural significance and the celebrations surrounding the 4 day weekend are truly and uniquely Bermudian. Plus a little swizzle and Crown & Anchor never hurt.


2. Where is the best place for a fish sandwich?
I am a Pond Dog through and through and so Artmel’s has always been my go to #1, however, I was pleasantly surprised about 3 or 4 years ago when I was in the west and picked up a wahoo fish sandwich from Woody’s. So if I am in Rome (the West) you might catch me chowing down at Woody’s.


3. Where is the best place for sushi?
My wife and I LOVE sushi and Bermuda has a ton of options but my favorite spot to eat sushi is at Speciality Inn (don’t judge us)


4. What’s the most Instagram-worthy place in Bermuda?
Tough question but it is probably Flatts Inlet – the row of palms, the turquoise water and the colorful buildings in the background are a particularly special combination. Second up is probably the string of colorful buildings on Court Street.


5. What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
I think the best advice that I ever received came from an old Bob Marley tune “Every man has the right to decide his own destiny”. In this world of infinite possibilities, we all choose (or have the right to choose) who we are and who we want to be. This isn’t to say that you will not receive judgement for your choices but it is your right to choose your destiny.


6. What do you like most about yourself?
Definitely my eyebrows. It’s a family thing – my brothers and sisters will understand.


7. What do you like least about yourself?
Don’t know really.


8. What keeps you up at night?
I always have a nagging feeling that there is something more/better that I could have done on something. Usually I am up at 2:00 am thinking about better ways to achieve results in my work.


9. What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome?
When I was 13 years old I was robbed at knife point while working at my father’s laundromat. The case was never solved but I knew the man’s face as it was burned into my memory. I saw this man on a regular basis and mentally always had a strong antipathy for him. I got older and started doing some work in the community and saw the impacts that drugs have on peoples lives. He was a drug addict at the time of the robbery. My obstacle was conjuring the strength to forgive and I did. Face to face I confronted him and forgave him. He couldn’t even remember the incident. He has since which cleaned up his life and looks to be doing a lot better with himself.


10. What’s your favourite thing to do on Sunday?
Codfish breakfast with the family.


11. How long have you been in Bermuda?
My whole life with the exception of university.


12. What’s your favourite beach?
Chaplin Bay


13. What was your first job ever?
I worked at my dad’s laundry on Parsons Road from the time I could walk/remember.


14. Who was your favourite teacher as a child?
Hard to say but at Dellwood Primary – Mrs. Maybury, at Berkeley Institute – Mrs. Tannock, at Saltus – Mr. Beard.


15. Do you ever get island fever?
I love “De Rock” but like all Bermudians I am always looking for ways to take a trip both professionally and personally.


16. What’s your favourite thing in your office?
We have a fully stocked bar at the office so its nice to host small get togethers for our friends and clients.


17. What’s your favourite thing at home?
Our home has an amazing, unobstructed, panoramic view of North Shore. Cannot beat it.


18. Loquat or Bermuda banana?


19. St George’s or Somerset?
SOMERSET (is that even a real question?)


20. Cricket or football?
I don’t really follow sports but football is more fun to play.


21. What are you reading right now?
Duolingo – intermediate Spanish lessons.


22. What is your guilty pleasure?
A really well made Old Fashion


23. What is your biggest phobia?